2016 – A Year of Joy, Peace, and Fruitfulness

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Jaya Masih (Praise the Lord) from Nepal!

We are currently here holding our annual Christmas outreach and planning to launch HASTEN Nepal – a training center, church plant, community center and kids home! So exciting! We (Dustan and Darlene) want to personally thank you for your giving in 2015.

Dustan and Darlene in Nepal

Together, we’ve seen the Lord do amazing things!

In 2015 we…

  • Started our community development projects in Nepal with the first of many community outreaches.
  • We were able to bless 50 families with much-needed supplies and tell them all about Jesus, most for the first time!
  • We greatly aided our adopted remote village to recover from the terrible Nepal earthquake. We delivered lights, tarps, batteries, water pipe, and toilets to help them relocate their entire community.
  • We were blessed with a location in Chattanooga, TN to hold our mission training. We remodeled it and started weekly prayer and worship meetings to pray for the nations and for more laborers. We hold our first official training in summer of 2016!
  • We launched our Television outreach on two more international networks! Now we are reaching out to the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, and many parts of Africa!
  • We completed a series of USA based speaking engagements. The Lord put on our heart to ‘set people free of fear and shame to go after their destiny in the Gospel.’ The fruit of those services was awesome, with Americans filling the altars crying out to God!

For us personally, it was a year of intense inner growth. Through a season of prayer and fasting, the Lord took both of us on a journey to loose old mindsets that limit. This year we feel like new, more peaceful, joyful and confident ministers of the Gospel.

2015 was awesome, but we believe 2016 is gonna be even better!

While seeking the Lord for direction for our ministry and family in 2016, The Holy Spirit dropped it in our spirits that 2016 would be a year of JOY, PEACE, and FRUITFULNESS. Ever since, that’s what we’ve been saying. In fact, over here in Nepal, we chose new Nepali names because our names can be hard for the Nepali to pronounce. Darlene’s name is Santi (peace) and my name is Ananda (joy)! We heard from the Lord, and now we are acting on and speaking what we heard in prayer. And do you know what? January has already been a month of intense peace, joy and fruitfulness! Why? Because the word says that if we believe and do not doubt, and we speak according to God’s will, we will have what we say (Mark 11:23, 1 John 5:14).

I challenge you to declare this entire year one of joy, peace, and fruitfulness for you and your family. Declare it over your business and body. What you have heard from the Lord in His word, speak boldly and it will come to pass. Take a moment and say this next paragraph out loud and with faith.

I declare in Jesus name that this year we will see more fruit than we did in 2015. We will get more accomplished in the Gospel, in our family, and in our community, but with half the stress! Seeds are going to grow. God’s words are coming to pass in my life in 2016! Every seed that the Lord planted in my heart in 2015 will come to fruition this year!

Our mandate this year is to continue our mission training at HASTEN Chattanooga, to start a ministry to ‘save God’s babies’ in Nepal (see the video on our website for an in-depth explanation), to release an online missions training course, and to build and lead a team in the USA to come and help launch HASTEN Nepal. In Nepal, we need to buy land, vehicles, and build. With faith and patience, we will see it come to pass in God’s timing in Jesus name!

We need around $100,000 annually to establish our work here. Our plan to reach this budget it to get 737 monthly ministry partners. So please, pray about joining in this Gospel mission. If you are not yet a monthly partner, please consider becoming one today.

If you were a partner in the past, please renew that monthly gift by going to www.hasten.tv/hastennations-com/giving. It is fast, easy, and secure to sign up. You can also mail your monthly gift to: HASTEN, PO BOX 1600, McComb, MS 39649.

We have so much more we want to share, but not enough space on this paper. For now, please accept our most sincere thank you for your giving in 2015. We may administer this ministry, but it is all of ours!

Together, we will see the Great Commission completed! Please keep us in your prayers! We love you all!

All in for the Gospel,


Dustan & Darlene Stanley