Hasten 2016 Report and 2017 Goals

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Peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! What a year!

In 2016, we’ve seen God do some AMAZING things! Today, in this newsletter, we are excited to share a few of those things with you! It’s been a stellar year!

Our ministry has taken us to six nations in 2016, we’ve trekked over fifty miles in the Himalayas preaching the Gospel, we released a new season of television, created a studio in Chattanooga, launched a mission center in Nepal, and, along with our Nepali and USA partners, we’ve started many outreach programs, both in the USA and in Nepal!

Dustan Stanley - End of Year Report

As a new year approaches, our request for 2017 is that you become or continue as our partner to see the unreached nations of the world (specifically Nepal) and OUR nation come to our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, we ask that you will prayerfully consider giving a special year-end gift toward the annual budget of our ongoing mission projects in Nepal. We are trying to raise an additional $20,000 in December to secure all of our Nepali programs. This amount will help us assure our Nepali partners that the work will continue while enabling us to expand our work here in the USA and in Nepal.

Please, read through this letter, and as you do, please prayerfully consider giving a special year-end gift. Also, if you are not currently a monthly partner, please become one today. $10, $30, $100, $500 – every monthly gift helps us keep pushing forward with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I hope you enjoy this mission report. As you read, don’t forget to remind yourself, that as our partner, this is YOUR work too! We may go, but you send. Together, we’ve done this work, and all for the glory of the Lord!


Darlene Stanley with HASTEN tv in Nepal

Hasten Nepal has officially started and our mission projects are in their baby stages. Our main goal is to show people the love of Jesus by helping single mothers with children care for their families. Our goal is to keep families together rather than bring them into an orphanage setting. So many poor Nepali families have to choose to either send their children away or to watch them suffer. We don’t think any family should have to make that choice. Because of these hard circumstances, human trafficking has skyrocketed in Nepal. This is our way of fighting against such slavery and evil.

Our current Nepali projects are:

• Our Hasten Nepal center is up and running. We are renting a place in the heart of Pokhara as the base of our outreach programs. It is completely Nepali-led and managed.

Dustan and Darlene at Hasten Nepal In this center we…

  • …hold two, two-hour English classes per week. This is an outreach to at-risk mothers, but it also helps train our team to work together with teams we bring from the USA.
  • …hold two, two-hour sewing classes per week. This helps train mothers in a skill that they can quickly use to help take care of their families.
  • …are starting a weekly care program for the street kids of the area. The goal is to give them a good meal, wash their clothes, and show them the love of Jesus with the resources that we have (this is being researched now and will begin soon).
  • …have just taken into Hasten Nepal headquarters a young mother with a newborn. We will train her in a skill while her baby is in infancy, as well as help her get on her feet, get some education, and prepare her for the future.

In the villages we have started:

• two community gardens and are working on a third…

This is a sharecropping program that gives abandoned and widowed mothers with children an avenue to not only grow their own food, but also to start bartering for the other needs of the family. Villagers supply the land; we supply the water tanks, pipes, fertilizer, and seeds. The family does the farming. For those in worse conditions, we also supply a batch of chickens to help them start their businesses sooner.

  • With these gardens, we have also started a tithing program, where the owner of the land puts back 1/10th of the crops to care for the sick and needy in the village.
  • We’ve started a literacy class for adults where they can learn to read and write. Because of the high illiteracy rates among adults in Nepal (ranging around 60%) there is a real need for inexpensive education.
  • Through your giving, we held a major village outreach in a suffering area. The result was that dozens of unbelievers heard the Gospel, saw the goodness of God, and a recently unchurched village now has its first church plant!

* Please note that we have agreed on a three-year plan to self-sustainability for our work in Nepal. Through a mixture of business (which includes an online product store – NOW OPEN ON OUR WEBSITE!!!!) and donations from Nepali believers, HASTEN Nepal will be able to cover its overhead in three years time. When this happens, we will fund projects, but not monthly cost. We’ve learned over the years that an apostolic work is a long-term failure if it is not self-sustainable. Our goal for 2017 is to continue our current ongoing projects and expand to new villages.

Will you please consider giving a special gift to fund our Nepali mission projects for 2017? The annual budget is $20,000.

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  • Because we feel we are in such spiritual need in the USA, we have started a project with the goal of rebuilding spiritual neighborhoods in the USA. From the book of Nehemiah, we were given the goal of starting mission groups in the neighborhoods of the USA, starting in our city, Chattanooga. We have already begun training our first leaders.These groups will…
    • …be led by a person FROM that neighborhood.
    • …pray weekly for the neighborhood, its needs, and for its protection, and in order to build a community of people who know their neighbors and their community’s needs.
    • …do monthly projects to make the community a cleaner, safer, place to live.
    • We will also use this program to ‘train by doing’ more Gospel laborers both here and on the foreign mission field.
  • We have released our second season of television. We already are getting feedback from many who want to join the team and start the process of stepping into the mission field. We will be producing the third season in Spring of 2017.
  • We are currently building the Great Commission Academy, an online missions training course designed to start the training process of future missionaries online.
  • We are also shooting a documentary titled “Heart of our Fathers.” If this shoot is successful, we will release it in the USA with the goal of turning our hearts back to be more like the hearts of the book of Acts church and early church.
  • We also plan to hold a HASTEN conference where we dig deep into God’s presence and prepare ourselves for the next year of ministry.

Will you please become or continue as a
monthly partner with Hasten International Mission?

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We are IMMENSELY thankful for our partnership over the years. You have truly taken our ministry from simply two missionaries trying to preach the Gospel to a team spread over two nations. THANK YOU!

More than ever before, the body of Christ must come together in unity to see the Great Commission completed! You are a vital part of the worldwide church. Thank you for loving Jesus and loving the Kingdom of God. Our world is darker than it may have ever been before, with more slavery and more war than we have ever known, but in Jesus, we (the body of Christ) can step up and shine a light right in the eyes of this darkness!

Together, we really are touching the world and doing our part to finish the Great Commission and HASTEN the return of the Lord Jesus Christ! The harvest is ready, the laborers are few, so let’s stay busy in our Father’s business until the return of King Jesus!

All in for the Gospel,

Signature from Ministry Update from Dustan and Darlene Stanley
Dustan & Darlene Stanley

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Dustan and Darlene Stanley from Hasten TV