A Call From God To Rescue Children

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It all began around winter in 2015 when I had a heavy encounter with the Lord in the altar at a church we were visiting with some friends. That encounter would soon prove to be the day that everything changed and the day when something beautiful would be forever set in motion in my life.

It was a Sunday morning in Kentucky. At the end of the service, there was an altar call for people to come forward to receive prayer for releasing the ministry that God is birthing in you. The presence of the Lord was strong in the place. You could sense that something amazing was about to happen, and I found myself being drawn to the front. Not caring what anyone else thought, I made my way to the altar. True, I had been active in ministry at this time for over 8yrs, so when I say I was being drawn, I knew it was concerning a new thing the Lord was about to reveal to me.

Stepping past the prayer line, I went straight for the altar. Not that there is anything wrong with being prayed over; we all need that from time to time, but this was something God was wanting to directly speak to me about. I collapsed to my knees and fell face forward on the bottom steps of the platform. When my head hit the altar, I heard the Lord speak directly to me.

“Save my babies.” 

That short and loaded statement echoed so loud within my soul.

I saw flashes of thousands of young women, children, and unborn children all over the world who are at risk of slave labor, prostitution, abortion, and death. I knew in my heart He was talking to me about the women and children in the region of India and Nepal that has one of the highest trafficked borders in the world.

I felt the Father reach inside of me and squeeze my heart. I felt the ache. I felt the pain. I felt everything HE felt for so many of these children who are tossed away.

It completely turned me into a crumbled, weeping mess.

“Save my babies,” He said again to me. “I want the ones no one else wants. I want them to know that they are mine and they are precious to me. I want them to know I Am their Father and I love them very much.”

I replied in the midst of my tears, “Yes. Yes, I will do it, Lord. I’ll do anything You want. Please, just show me how.” I so wanted to know the rest of the plan, but that was all the Lord would disclose for the time being.

In my heart of hearts, I’ve always told the Lord that whatever He wants from me, I would do. All my life, no matter how hard, I’ve never wanted to hold anything back from Him. And for a long time, I’ve felt that the day was coming when I would be doing something to help children all over the world. It was never a matter of if but when. Now that time had come. This was it. I wasn’t surprised. I was already prepared to answer, and the Lord knew it. This was just the moment when I was being called to take action to this call.

So with a mascara and tear stained face, I got up off the floor and found my husband, Dustan and began to tell him what the Lord said to me. His response was amazing. He gazed into my red, blotchy, eyes and said, “Ok, we’ll do it together,” as he touched the tears on my face. In that moment I remembered why I love him so much. 🙂 My husband Dustan and I have always been a team in our work. We do it together. We’d already been working in Nepal. We’d actively been doing various evangelistic outreaches and aid programs to help those affected by the severe earthquake that hit in April 2015. So, I wasn’t sure if this would change where we were presently working. All I knew was what God said.

Dustan and Darlene in Pokhara, Nepal.

The BIG QUESTION still remained. Where did the LORD want us to start this new work? Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long.

Two weeks later, God gave me a dream and it confirmed everything. It confirmed that we were to focus on rescuing and saving His babies in Nepal. AMAZING, as this is exactly where we’d been drawn to do our work for the past four years. Nothing was in conflict. Even the friends we’d grown a relationship with in Nepal were being called in the same way as we were. God had been busy setting this whole beautiful thing up.

Now, fast forward through 2016, just one year later from when He spoke to me to save His babies, we have officially opened up our first Hasten Center in Pokhara, Nepal. It is dedicated to educating, rescuing, and helping at-risk women and their children stay together.

Praise God right?! We couldn’t have possibly attempted this even 8 months ago without God’s amazing provision to help us launch this amazing outreach! It never ceases to amaze me at how God isn’t looking for us to have everything figured out right away when He speaks about something He wants us to do. He simply is looking for us to be willing and obedient to do what He asks. One step, then another. The rest is up to Him to fulfill!

Ladies of Hasten Nepal leadership team

As of this month, our first single mom (who recently had a baby boy) moved into the center to join the team. She is no longer at risk, no longer alone, and no longer going to remain uneducated or unskilled. She is actively now a part of Hasten Nepal’s programs, which include: learning English, writing, and learning to sew.

  • Note: Because of culture, many women will marry extremely young in villages all over Nepal (sometimes even as young as 12yrs old). Many of these women never receive any formal education, as it’s not applicable to their everyday life of being a stay at home wife and mother. So when a woman like this is suddenly made a widow, or is abandoned, and she has no education or job training to fall back on, her and her children are immediately at-risk. In this case, usually the only way for her to make a living is either by manual labor, begging, or prostitution. All of these options put the children at immediate risk of traffickers who prey upon extremely poor and desperate situations.

It is our goal through these programs that the women will learn the tools they need to lead successful lives.

Sewing class at Hasten Center

We are helping poor widowed and single moms by teaching literacy, gardening, English, and sewing as a job skill. We also are caring for the immediate needs of the children of these women by providing them with clothes and food (or ways to get clothing and food – jobs).

It is our goal that once the women graduate from the sewing classes they will be able to sew and earn money from their homes so they can better care for their children. This will keep not only the women safe from the dangers of slave labor and prostitution, but their children will also be safe from the dangers of trafficking because their mother will be home to watch over them.

English Class at Hasten Center

This brings me to ask you for your help.

Will you help us keep these programs going all this year? We need to raise $20,000 in addition to our normal budget to keep helping and rescuing His babies. We’ve raised $6,500 of the $20,000 goal for this year, which leaves only $13,500 more to go! Will you please consider a dollar amount to help with this? Any amount large or small is so appreciated!

To give, just go to Hasten.

One thing is for sure, Dustan and I cannot do this without your help. The weight of this can be light and easy when spread over many. Help us today and know that you are helping us bring to pass the Father God’s dream of seeing His babies rescued in this very special part of the world.

Together we can make a difference and impact so many lives! Together, we can do our part to stop slavery and help keep families together! Together we CAN, save HIS babies!

Go to: Hasten and give whatever dollar amount to help us with this mission. And on behalf of everyone in Nepal who you are helping, thank you! 🙂

Darlene with our Friend’s Daughter at Hasten Center

Also as a side note: We are working to get Nepali businesses going so our team and those we are helping might become self-sufficient over time. One of the first ways we’re doing this is through Hasten Hands which is an online etsy store where I sell handmade crafts and accessories made by the women at our center, by local Nepali handicraftsman who provide jobs for women in Nepal, and by me. This store all began with my love for making things with my hands and my love for designing. Now I’m using it as a means for the women in Nepal to sell the beautiful things they make with their hands. Please visit the site at Hasten Hands