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A Life Spared

An Update on Sue

Our trip to Nepal this past October proved to be such an amazing God-appointed trip!

Not only did we see many people give their hearts to Jesus, but we also realized how much God had orchestrated the timing of our trip when it came to one of our kids that lives at our host home in Chitawan, Nepal. 

Sue, before and After Treatment

One of the children, whom many of you know as Sue, was poisoned by someone in her previous village. This caused complications, and our host family notified the girl’s living Uncle who still has legal custody. Our team had to get permission because the health problem became extremely serious. The Uncle requested that she be brought back to see a doctor that they were familiar with from his area. We complied, and after a couple of weeks, she came back to our host home. The poison problem seemed to be over when she got back, however she had become extremely lethargic. The doctor from her Uncle’s village told our host family that she might need blood as she was showing signs of being anemic.

When Dustan and I were making our plans to go to Nepal, we had a couple of different dates and ways to arrange our trip. We were planning to come earlier in the month of October, but after careful prayer over our schedule in the USA and consideration of the weather in Nepal (It was still raining nearly every day there), it became clear that our trip would need to be later in the month of October. This put us arriving in Nepal and going to see Sue almost immediately. We felt the peace of the Holy Spirit on this decision. Little did we know that it would be a critical choice.

When we saw little Sue for the first time after our arrival, we quickly realized that more care was vital. She had lost color in both her hands, face, and feet. Her lips were nearly white. She was sitting while the other children were playing, showing signs of extreme lethargy. She had almost completely stopped talking and would always want to go lay down and sleep. Immediately, I was concerned. Every Mama instinct in me went off. Our entire team agreed that this little girl needed to go to a doctor right away. They told us that before her prior treatment, she was more energetic, talkative, and playful. Now, however, all I could see was a little girl that was very very sick.

We told our host family to take her to the emergency room right away. That we (Hasten Nations) would cover all needed expenses and not to worry about the cost. We stressed that they should just get her immediate medical attention. 

That Sunday, they took her to the doctor. We were able to stay with her until we knew what was going on. Tests of her abdomen showed her stomach was indeed recovered and healthy, thank God. However, the results that came back after testing her blood were astounding. Not only was she anemic, but dangerously so. A normal level of blood for her size was around 12.8, and Sue only had 2! It was so alarming. The doctor said that had we waited another day or 3, she could have died. Thank God for our team, God’s leading, and our partners who made us able to care for her. Had our team not worked so hard to get permission from her uncle and aunt and moved quickly, she could have really suffered.

It was then that we realized that God had changed our whole trip plans to be there when we were so that Sue would get the immediate care and attention that she so desperately needed. 


We are giving God continual praise for his wisdom and faithfulness! Unknowingly after following the peace of God, we were able to be there just when Sue needed us. Right when she had come back to our home, just when she got sick, when the resources we abundant and present, and our team all arrived at the same time to her village. What an astounding miracle!

If the Lord had not, in His never-ending wisdom, arranged so many pieces and people to come together, we would not have seen her in person, she might not have been able to get the immediate emergency care that was required, the resources and vehicles would not have been there, and the situation could have been disastrous.

Sue is only seven years old. She is the youngest child currently living in our homes. She and her family have come from extremely poor situations and have never before needed health care like this. It’s no wonder that they were unaware of the extreme circumstances she was going through. 

Praise be to God for watching out for little Sue! After not just one, but three blood transfusions, she has gained back a healthy color and is energetic once again! She’s talking and playing and fussing with her sister (lol). She is now on the road to health and we are continuing to get her all the follow-up appointments that she needs. She is a little miracle. 

Thank you for your prayers for little Sue. The Lord heard all of our prayers and arranged everything to see HIS little girl taken care of. How much the Father God loves His little ones! They are so so so precious to Him! 

All to Jesus,
Darlene Stanley