Our Mission

We exist to give ALL TO JESUS. Our mission is to TAKE the LOVE, HOPE, & FAITH of Jesus Christ to the sufferinglost, and unreached world.


When Hasten first started in 2008, our motto was ALL IN FOR THE GOSPEL, but as the ministry grew in maturity and fruitfulness, we began to understand that all of our efforts, as purely motivated as it was, would never be enough to see lives truly transformed. Only Jesus can do that. It is not our effort alone, or our gifts, nor our zeal and passion and programs; it is and has always been JESUS who changes his life. It is when we have truly surrendered to Jesus that God works through us to do the impossible. We want to fully surrender our lives, our loves, our devotion, our plans, our futures, our personalities, our families, our everything to Jesus. We give ALL of ourselves to Jesus, and through us He will bring ALL of our neighbors and ALL the nations to Himself. Then He can receive ALL of the praise and glory for what He alone has done!



We do not believe that we are supposed to sit and wait for the lost and suffering to find help, but we are called to GO into all the world and preach the Gospel, make disciples, and love others as Jesus has loved us.,



We are called to show the love of Jesus to the lost and suffering through acts of love. Love is the most excellent way to communicate the Gospel. Love is how we preach the Gospel through action.


As the song says, our hope is found on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness! We believe we are to go into all the world and preach the Gospel in word. We are to deliver the soul-saving message of the Gospel to all nations.



We are not only called to show love and preach the Gospel, but also to make disciples of all nations. We do this through preaching and teaching the word of God and training up disciples and Gospel laborers in every area where we work.



We shall always be based around the person, example, and commission of Jesus Christ. We are never to leave Jesus out of what we do. He is the center of everything, and will always remain the center of every program, services, and plan of Hasten.

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TO truly follow Jesus, we must be the good samaritan to those who are suffering around the world. We do this through disaster relief, caring for at-risk women and children, and caring for those who are suffering in poverty, disease, and oppression.


All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. People of all tribes, tongues, backgrounds, nations, and beliefs are in need of the forgiveness and restoration found in the Gospel of Jesus. We are called to reach them.


While all people need salvation, there is a large group of people around the world who have never heard the Gospel. Hasten is called to be a part of seeing these unreached nations reached with the Gospel in a way that they can understand.


We are called to take the Gospel into all the world, as a testimony to all nations, before the end will come. We are not done until the whole world has heard the wonderful news of salvation and restoration in Jesus Christ.