Amazing Miracles and a New Village Open to the Gospel!!! (Photos)

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Hello from Asia!


These last two months have been absolutely thrilling! God constantly amazes us with His love and power to those who are lost and suffering. Today, we are going to share a few testimonies that are sure to light up your faith. God’s arm has not shortened. All things are STILL possible to those who believe!

In mid-January, as we prepared for one of our community outreaches in central Nepal, we preached at a partner church in Pokhara (the city where we are planting HASTEN Nepal). The sermon was a ton of fun, and God moved mightily on the leadership of that church. Most of the service was spent in intercession for the nation of Nepal and for the unreached nations of the world.

God Heals a First Time Visitor

At the end of the service, we offered to pray with anyone who wanted it. One of those that came forward was a lovely Hindu lady that had never been to church before. She had problems with her legs. She showed us the problem, and Darlene laid hands on her and prayed for healing in the mighty name of Jesus.

After the prayer, Darlene asked, “How do you feel?”

Not totally understanding, the lady replied, “If I’m healed, I’ll come back to church for sure.”

“Well,” Darlene said, “Try it. Let’s see what God has done.”

The kind lady bent down a few times. When she rose the third time she was smiling. “The pain is completely gone!”

“Well, you should come back and learn more about Jesus.”

“I will!”

Darlene praying for a woman at church in Nepal
Darlene praying for a woman at church in Nepal

We Pray for A Very Sick Refugee

Afterward, we walked out to a group of small shelters that our ministry built for a few of the earthquake victims that lost everything. Before we even got to the shelters, four or five families who have now made these their homes approached us. They thanked us for the shelters, then they asked us to thank those who gave to make it possible. So from Nepal to you, dhanyabad (thank you)!

These are the families living in the shelters HASTEN built in Nepal.
These are the families living in the shelters HASTEN built in Nepal.

As we were preparing to leave, one of these families approached and asked if we would come inside their home to pray for their mother. They looked upset, and as we asked more questions we learned that the mother of the family had just been sent home from the hospital. She had a host of problems, the prominent one being in the kidneys. The hospital had sent her home saying there was nothing more they could do. The family was told to prepare themselves because she could pass away any day. When we stepped inside their home, what we saw matched the report. The lady could not even sit up on her own, and she was staring into the walls that were just a few feet from her face. She was no longer responsive or coherent

So we prayed. We prayed for the healing power and peace of God to flow over this woman in Jesus name. After the prayer, we comforted the family and encouraged them to believe she was actively recovering every single day.

They thanked us, and with hugs and tears we left.

God Gives a Word of Knowledge to a Village Chief

The next day we prepared for our community outreach. Through YOUR giving, we were able to purchase enough rice, blankets, toiletries, snacks, and toys to bless an entire village! The rice alone was enough to feed a whole family for up to one month! We purchased the items, packed them into bags, and prepared for a very fun day of sharing the love of Jesus! But before we started, we walked through the village meeting people (as is our custom). Along the way we met group of pretty tough looking young men. We stopped and talked for a minute, then we asked them to come to the outreach. They said they’d be there.

The young men Dustan met on the Path
The young men Dustan met on the Path

From there, we met the village leader and asked his permission to hold our outreach and to preach the Gospel. We sat on the porch of his home, and while we were talking, the Holy Spirit dropped a very personal word of knowledge in my heart for this man. As I shared what the Lord had told me, the man listened intently.

New Friends
New Friends

“Is what I just said true?” I asked.

The chief nodded.

“Then may I pray with you?”

“Yes, please.”

Once again, the peace of God fell on us as we prayed, ministering strength to a man who carries the weight of an entire village on his shoulder. Afterward, he happily granted permission for us to hold the outreach and to tell his people all about Jesus.

Praying for the Chief of the Village
Praying for the Chief of the Village

So that’s exactly what we did.

Our Outreach Opens a New Village to the Gospel

For this outreach, we joined with a group of Nepali that are working with the Neo House Church network to start a church in that area. They have been sharing the Gospel faithfully, but no one had shown very much interest up until that point. Our goal was to bless this neighborhood with the things they needed and to display the love of God in a tangible way. We were also joined by our good friend Nick from Mississippi, USA (and incredibly fun to work with – thanks brother!). Together we all gave away our care packets, prayed for the sick, and shared the Gospel with the entire village.


At the end of the Gospel message, we asked if anyone wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus and have their sins washed away. Out of all of those that responded, I was most thrilled to see almost all of the tough looking young men we had invited raise their hands, bow their heads, and give their lives to Jesus.


These outreaches are some of the most touching and effective ways to help struggling communities and to show the love of Christ Jesus. Actions speak louder than words. The Gospel we watered and planted that day has already produced great fruit in this village. The next Friday, when the house church held its first meeting, over FORTY people showed up – INCLUDING the chief of the village! The church is now planted and active! Praise the Lord!

The Nepali house church leaders even asked me to thank you for not only easing the burden of this village, but they also said that the outreach completely opened the hearts of the villagers to the Gospel! So again, thank you for your giving and prayers!




This is what the Gospel is all about!

Showing the love of God in the name of Jesus! Telling the world how Jesus died in our place to pay our debt! Telling all who will hear how through Jesus’ name we can be forgiven and born again!

When we make The Great Commission our main mission, we see miracles, but when preaching the Gospel to the lost is forgotten in the midst of all our religious duty, we don’t. It’s that simple. Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 19:10). Jesus will leave the ninety-nine to go find the one lost sheep (Matthew 18:12, Luke 15:4). There is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than the ninety-nine righteous (Luke 15:7)! The last words he gave us, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, are still His number one priority (Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:46-47, Acts 1:8).

Why? Because in Christ we as believers are secure and assured heaven if we endure, but the world still does not know about Jesus. As Oswald Smith said, “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.” Like never before we must be all about our Father’s business, and His business is rescuing souls!

The Result of Our Prayer with the Refuge Woman

Oh yeah, do you remember the lady on her deathbed that we prayed for? Two weeks later we returned to the church, and she was sitting in the back taking part in the service. Now, a few weeks later, she is walking around, singing, her mind has returned, and she’s getting stronger and stronger every single day. God has healed her! She is recovering just as the Bible promised in Mark 16:17-18!


My friends, it is our deepest belief that if we want to see God do His wonders, we must do His will. If we want for God to make our desires His priority, we must make His ours. And what is His desire? That NONE shall perish, but all come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9)!

Investing in the Eternal Work of Salvation

Thank you for joining in with us in this eternal work. Thank you for investing your talents into our service unto the Lord (Matthew 25:14-30). Currently, we are waiting on legal work to come through to make Hasten Nepal a 100% legal Nepali NGO. Please, keep that in prayer.

Also, please consider becoming a monthly $25 per month giver. We are in faith for 737 people to become $25 per month partners with HASTEN. This will meet all of our current outreach, training, and administrative budget, and give us some buffer for unforeseen emergencies in Nepal. Also, please consider giving a one-time special gift to help us launch Hasten Nepal. The budget for land, construction and vehicles is around $200,000, so every dollar helps! The word of God promises to bless those who sow generously (2 Corinthians 9:6)! Every dollar given towards the eternal salvation of the lost goes to your eternal account in heaven (Matthew 6:19-20). To give online, either one time or monthly, simply fill out the form on this page. It’s simple, quick, and safe.

You can also mail your gift to:

PO BOX 1600
McComb, MS 39649

A Prayer for YOU!

Now, before you go, I wanna pray for you. I pray that you, more than ever, feel courageous in the Lord. I pray that your needs are met, that you hear clearly what the Holy Spirit is saying to you and your family, that you grow to desire the presence of God more than any earthly pleasure or gain. I pray that no sickness shall ever prosper in your body. For those who have joined with us in this work financially, I speak forth blessing, momentum, and prosperity in your business and bank accounts. I pray you always have all sufficiency, in all things, at all times, to abound in every good work (2 Corinthians 9). I pray that you always bear fruit in due season (Psalms 1).

And most of all, I also pray that a new heart and love for the lost will invade your life, and together, all of us can bring the heart of Jesus back into our religious world. I pray that you will continue to partner with us as we work together to finish the Great Commission and HASTEN the return of the Lord (2 Peter 3)!

We love you all!

All in for the Gospel,


Dustan & Darlene Stanley

Dustan & Darlene at Annapurna
Dustan & Darlene at Annapurna

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