An Angry (& Slightly Drunk) Man Opposes the Gospel

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After our first village outreach, we moved to another area where we have held multiple other outreaches over the past few years. There, we prayed with the church, prayed for the sick, and the Holy Spirit gave words of knowledge to show the love of Jesus to many we came across.

Overlooking Pokhara, Nepal - HastenA Young Believer Receives a Word of Knowledge

One young man had a small shop, and He was a believer. As we prayed for Him, in my spirit I saw a little girl. At first, I thought it was His sister, but when I asked, he told me that His sister had just lost a baby and, understandably, was very depressed. We prayed together, encouraged Him, and He genuinely seemed touched by the love of Jesus. Afterward, as he expressed concern about taking care of his family financially, we were able to bless him and teach from the word of God how to give and receive from the Lord. When we left we challenged him to put this to the test and he would discover that through God’s blessings he would increase and be able to care for his hurting family.

An Angry Man Opposes our Prayer

Afterward, we prayed with all the sick from the local church and then we climbed up the hill to the rest of the village. There, we met one family who invited us inside their small home.

Frank, a team member, praying with a mother and her child.

The father of the house where we stopped also has his brother visiting, who was a staunch unbeliever and was also quite drunk. We talked for a while, listening to their stories, and asked them how we could pray for them. The father, who was preparing to go to the Gulf States to earn money, gave us his request (He loved Jesus with all His heart), but when I asked his brother if we could pray for him he flatly refused.

“No problem, my friend,” I said with a smile. “We will just pray for your brother then.”

In the middle of the prayer for his brother, the drunk brother interrupted and tried to start an argument with our friends.

“Why do you talk about Jesus so much!” he said. “Why do we care about Jesus?!”

Our friends responded the best they could, in love, during which he continually interrupted. Finally, the Holy Spirit told me what to do, so I interrupted the conversation and asked if I could tell them a story. The Nepali LOVE stories! The family was happy for the change of subject and seemed excited, but the man said, “I don’t want to hear.”

“No problem, my friend, I will tell the family then, as this is their home and they asked us to visit. You don’t have to listen. It is always your choice. No worries!”

The Spirit of God Shows Up

So I began to share my testimony – how Jesus rescued me even when I hated Him. How Jesus loved me although I was a fighter, a thief, and drank a lot even at a young age. Everyone sat and listened, including the man who had said he would absolutely not listen. At the end, I shared about how Jesus had rescued me when I didn’t deserve it, and that no-one else we know can wash away every one of our bad deeds. The Holy Spirit fell in that little room, and when he showed up the atmosphere started to change. When King Jesus arrives, so does His Kingdom, and the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God alway brings three things: peace, joy, and righteousness (Romans 14:17).

When the man who was so vocally and drunkenly opposing the Gospel felt the peace and love that we showed him, his attitude started to change. Although he had responded in anger to our love, we responded in love and gentleness to his anger, and that, coupled with God’s presence, calmed him.

After my story, I turned to the man. “My friend, I never argue with people. Never. It is not the way of the followers of Jesus. I just want you to know that God loves you so much that he made a way through Jesus for you to be made brand new inside. God loves you right where you are, just like He loves me right where I am. He alone can change us on the inside, so you and I both need him every day.”

He nodded. Then we prayed with the family (I still prayed for His health and for peace in His life – I just couldn’t help myself).

After, we stood to leave. “I want to give you an American hug!” I said to this man.

He smiled and agreed. I hugged him, giving Him peace, and when he felt that peace, he relaxed even more. As we were walking away, we heard him call out to our Nepali friends. They turned and smiled, and one of our friends walked back and handed him a tract about Jesus. He had decided that he wanted to know more about this Jesus for himself. He had rejected the tract, prayer, and even our love in the beginning, but God’s irresistible love drew Him. Always remember that it is the goodness of God that draws people to repentance! (Romans 2:4)

Dustan Stanley from Hasten TV in Pokhara, Nepal
Dustan talking with one of the men we met during our visit to a local village.

Please Pray

Praise God! Love never fails. Please pray for this man who has witnessed and suffered so much in his life. That is why he is as he is. Also, pray He will ask Jesus to make him new and that he will live in the Peace that the Gospel brings! Pray for us too, and our friends here, as we continue to encounter many others just like the man in this post.

God bless you guys! We have so much more to share, but that will have to wait till next time! Until then, stay…

All in for the Gospel,
Dustan (& Darlene)