Announcing the Hasten Nations Outreach Team!

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Hasten Nations is announcing the creation of the Hasten Nations Outreach Team!

The harvest is ready but the workers are few! Calling all people who want to be a part of a presence-driven, word-guided, Great Commission-focused community that is ACTIVE in reaching our neighbors and the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Starting Sunday, August 29th at 10 am, we will begin weekly worship, intercession, training, and planning services. These will be held most Sunday mornings at Hasten Nations headquarters in Chattanooga, TN. These meetings will be open to the public (since we are an OUTREACH team) but will be focused on the Outreach Team growing and connecting with God as individuals, a team, and a community. We will also use this time to plan and organize our many upcoming outreaches to our city and the nations (starting in Nepal).

There are so many opportunities for the called in these days! From grocery delivery to those who are quarantined to encouraging packets to hospice patients and their families, to starting children’s homes in Nepal and preaching the Gospel in evangelistic meetings, to starting home groups and house churches, we have wide-open doors for you to be active in the Great Commission! We have places of service in admin, evangelism, media, music, kids, overseas missions, etc. We are looking for people to serve the Chattanooga area and to travel and assist Pastor Dustan & Darlene in overseas missions and evangelism. No matter what your gift and situation, there’s a place in the Great Commission for you!

We truly believe that when we lay our lives down for Jesus that we find the abundant life He came to give us! It is walking with and working WITH Jesus to accomplish all of God’s plans that leads us to a place of true fulfillment that defies even bad circumstances around us!

If you feel the Holy Spirit leading you, please read the following requirements and contact us at [email protected] If you are in the Chattanooga, TN area, feel free to join our Sunday morning team services! Click HERE to plan your visit and let us know you are coming!

We can’t wait to seek God and serve Jesus with you!

Here are a few requirements to be on the local Chattanooga outreach team. We’ve learned it is better to communicate these expectations up front rather than later.

Outreach Team Requirements:

  1. You must be located or willing to relocate to Chattanooga, TN.
    Although we may be open to remote training and team members in the future, currently we are focused on building a local team in the Chattanooga area.
  2. You must not be plugged in and serving at another church, especially in leadership.
    Hasten Nations maintains a culture of honor, so we do not hurt other ministries to build ours. We encourage people who are currently serving elsewhere to truly seek the Lord before making any major steps. If you are plugged in and still feel led to join this team, you must be willing to leave your current position of service in an honorable way as to not damage another ministry.
  3. This is not a paid position.
    You must be willing to work and/or raise the money needed. If you will be serving locally, there is no reason you cannot work a job. If you want to be sent to the nations, please let us know when you contact us so we can help guide you in this process. You will start in Chattanooga. Those who feel led to the nations and that we feel led to send, we will send after a time of training, service, and testing.
  4. This is a team for DOERS and not HEARERS only.
    You must be willing to do three things consistently. ATTEND, SERVE, and GIVE. This team is not one for spectating. Every member is expected to attend our weekly team services and any special trainings, to tithe and give toward the projects of Hasten Nations, and to serve in our services and outreaches.
  5. You must agree with our mission, values, and beliefs.
    When we are in unity it is like anointing! In order to create a healthy culture based on the Word of God, we ask each person to review and agree to our beliefs, vision, and values which are the basic building blocks of our ministry.
  6. You must be teachable.
    If you are unable to be led by, taught by, and corrected and coached by Pastor Dustan & Darlene Stanley and the other Hasten Nations leadership, then it will be best to find someone to serve under that you are able to receive from. Any disunity does damage, so it is best those who work with us trust us enough to be taught by us.
  7. You must love Jesus!
    This should be a given, but our team members must spend time daily connecting with God. You must be dedicated to becoming all HE has called you to be, changing anything He asks of you, and truly attempting to give him your ALL!