She is COMPLETELY Healed and Rescued from Death’s Door!

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Hey everyone, Dustan and Darlene here.

We have been in Pokhara, Nepal for almost a week. Most of our time has been spent praying and planning for our outreach programs from the Hasten mission house, but we’ve already spent time following up with some of our ministry from earlier this year.

One lady we had visited before had been sent home to die by the hospital. Her name is Ama Honar, and she was living in some shelters that we built with the church here. When her family saw we were visiting, they had desperately asked us to pray. So we knelt on the dirt floor of her little hut and asked the Lord to heal this Ama (mother). She was completely incoherent and did not even know we were there.

Well, she started recovering from that moment and within one week she was in church praising God! Now, she is 100% healed, taking care of her family! In fact, one of our team members here was led to bless her with finances to start a small business raising chickens! Praise God! She was literally hours or days from death, but now she is alive and spreading the testimony of how Jesus healed her!

Yesterday, we joined the church and ministered, and together we publicly celebrated her total healing AND her birthday!

Please take a moment and Praise the Lord for HIS amazing love and power and work! Please, pray for more undeniable miracle to happen in Jesus name! And know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever AND Jesus is the same in Nepal and in your home country.

Believe for great things! Dare to go…

All in for the Gospel,

Signature from Ministry Update from Dustan and Darlene StanleyDustan and Darlene

The picture is of Darlene, Ama Honar, and her daughter. It was taken yesterday after church in the doorway of Ama Honar’s home.