Dustan Stanley – Prayer for Nepal – Feb 2016

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Will you please take the next 13 minutes to join me (Dustan) in prayer for the amazing nation of Nepal? To help, we’ve included prayer points you can use for your personal prayer time.

Also, to make the next step in sharing love with Nepal, become a monthly giver toward HASTEN by clicking here.

Prayer Points:
  • For the border between Nepal and India to fully Open
  • For wisdom in planning and legal work for the Hasten Nepal leadership.
  • For favor with local and national leaders.
  • Pray we find the right land to build our care community (picture a whole community dedicated to helping those who truly need help. Our goal is to keep children with their families and to only take in those children who truly have no one to care for them (or widows who have children who she cannot provide for).
  • That Nepali communities will be open to the aid of the Hasten Nepal programs.
  • Pray that the educational system will be improved and that we (and the Nepali government) can create quality programs to educate both the young and uneducated adults.
  • Pray against the trafficking and abuse of children and women from Nepal to the surrounding nations.
  • For stability in government and the continued freedom of religion.
  • For full funding to establish Hasten Nepal ($200,000).
  • For 737 automatic monthly givers toward Hasten (averaging $25 per month).
  • That healing will come upon the sick Nepali will meet and care for through both prayer and care.
  • Pray that the blessing of Christ will come upon the Nepali people and they will be open to the message of Jesus.

Thanks for praying! God bless!