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Fall 2022 Nepal Outreach

This fall, we (Dustan & Darlene) will be joining our team in Nepal in massive outreach. We have four different conferences and outreaches in the works.

Nepal is a nation made up of unreached and little-reached people groups. It borders some of the most unreached areas of the world. Our strategy has always been to reach the Nepali people through projects, missions, and by empowering Nepali believers to be effective witnesses to their nation.

This year, we have a blend of outreach and believers conferences designed to do just that. These projects are in addition to our ongoing work in Nepal, which continues week after week, month after month.

Here are the outreaches that are being organized as we speak for the fall of 2022.

Two Youth Conferences in Nepal.

We have ministered in this particular region many many times before. This conference brings youth from the entire region, many of who walk for days in the Himalayas to encounter God and spend time in His presence. This region is strategic because the Chinese government is building a road from this area straight into the heart of unreached Tibet. We believe that the Lord led us here years ago (long before this development began) so that we could be a part of equipping His people to take the Gospel north along that newly built Gospel road! This group is one of the hungriest groups of believers we’ve ever ministered in all of our 35 nations and nearly 15 years of missionary evangelism.

PRAYER: Pray that God would move mightily during these meetings, that the believers would be equipped and filled with the Holy Spirit and fire, for our safety and strength as we navigate the mountains (especially Dustan – his ankle injury from the last trip needs total healing and strengthening, especially during these difficult treks), and that these young people would be delivered, healed, and saved!

A Ministers Conference

The pastors and leaders in Nepal are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. This year, we will be holding a pastors’ conference designed to refresh, inspire, equip, and fill these men and women of God with the Holy Spirit. We are a part of a ministerial group in Nepal which we help lead through teaching, partnership, and giving. Many of these pastors will be a part of this amazing group.

Prayer: Please pray that God will move so strongly on these pastors and church leaders so they will be ready to continue reaching the unreached and caring for God’s people, many of who are first-generation Christians. Pray planning will be complete soon so that many men and women of God can join.

A Village Outreach in Very Remote Location

Our last major outreach will be an evangelistic and revival-based outreach that blesses a remote village that is in real need. We will be throwing a village-wide party with a revival meeting, giving away food and supplies for the upcoming winter, and preaching the Gospel! This is very similar to the many other outreaches we’ve held over the years, which have proven to be a very successful way to bless those in need and display and declare the Gospel in word and action.

Prayer: Pray for our safety in these remote areas, that people will encounter the love of God through our gifts of supplies and food, and that the Gospel pierces hearts who do not yet know Jesus. Pray for the logistics to come together, as we will be transferring a lot of supplies to this remote area for this outreach.

We have big plans, and we are already moving forward in faith. Now, we need your help! Would you consider being a giver toward this outreach?

The budget for the entire fall 2022 outreach is $25,000.

Every gift, small or large, helps! We are looking for those who are able and feel called to help fund this outreach. We know that there are those who read this who are able to fund the entire outreach. If that is you, please ask the Lord how you should help. This is a worthwhile ministry that supports not only our long-term team and partners in Nepal, but it also helps expand the Gospel into remote unreached areas. This helps complete the Great Commission!

We pray as you pray for us and our Nepali team and as you give, a blessing will come over your entire family. We pray peace rules your home and joy is unspeakable. We also really hope you know how much these people mean to Jesus. When you help us go by giving and praying, you are a direct part of introducing Jesus to many who have never met or sometimes even heard of Him.

All to Jesus!

To Give by Mail, mail your check, payable to Hasten Nations, to:
Hasten Nations
PO Box 1600
McComb, MS 39649