FINISHED! Building Our First Host Home In Nepal (Part #2)

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Want to give you all a quick update on our process with building our first children’s host home in Nepal!

This past month our children’s home in remote Nepal has been built! Now the interior part of the home is nearly finished! The kitchen is looking great, and the tile is looking nice in the bathroom and shower. Soon, the bedroom is going to be furnished with brand new beds, bedding, clothes and school supplies for the children.

We couldn’t be more happy to see how everything is coming together!

These are nice bathrooms! Tile is not usually something we see in the villages. Praise God for giving these kids nice facilities.

Throughout this whole process, the Lord has reminded me (Darlene) that He is the Father of these kids, and He will provide for them. I have been so blessed to experience this part of God’s heart for His little ones. It’s another amazing reminder of the wonderful love He has shown towards ALL of us. He is a good Father. He does not leave us as orphans but adopts us into His Kingdom as children of God.

I want to remind you how all of this got started. It all started when I got a direct word from God while in prayer. He spoke to me saying,

“Save my babies.”

I said yes though not knowing at the time how we’d be able to do it. However, as an act of obedience and faith, we started making plans and communicating the vision. We raised money, and ALL the MONEY CAME IN. Now, look at where we are! That so often is the case with a God dream. He drops this BIG major thing in our heart and we go,

“WOW…ok, I don’t know how, but ok.”

The thing is, He doesn’t intend for us to do it alone. He never does. He’s simply looking for our “yes,” and obedience. When we say yes and obey Him we qualify ourselves to experience the supernatural. However, you’ll never experience the supernatural without the risk of stepping out. Part of living and walking out a God dream is taking the leap of faith to throw all of ourselves on Him. When we do….we see the miraculous and His dreams become our reality!

As a result of stepping out in obedience and taking the risk, we are seeing four beautiful children being taken care of who otherwise would have a VERY difficult future. Now, this is the first home of many more to come.

So thank you for coming through! Your generosity has resulted in us giving praises and glory to God! When we last communicated our $2,300 need to complete this building project the complete remaining amount came in within a few hours! HALLELUJAH!!!

Now, we ask for you to please keep Dustan and me in your prayers. Soon we will be heading over to Nepal to meet our beautiful kids, see the home, and dedicate this new work to the Lord. It’s going to be amazing!

If you are feeling the Lord leading you to become apart of this work, we ask you to pray about what amount He would have you give monthly. To continue caring for these kids we are needing more people to dedicate to $25 a month or more. If you are ready to take the plunge and say “Yes I’m all in!” Go to our giving page or the direct link at

Until next time keep living all in for Jesus and all in for the Gospel!

~Darlene Stanley