First English Class Started at Hasten Nepal HQ!

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Hey everyone!

We just wanted to drop you a quick message and celebrate the beginning of our first English training session at Hasten Nepal. This is the first of three different ongoing skills and leadership training classes beginning this week! This class will help our leaders communicate in both business and ministry at a much more effective level, which is a vital part of us working with all different types of ministries, businesses, and other humanitarian organizations all over Nepal. Unity is key! Also, these classes will help us move toward our three-year self-sustainability plan. The goal is that the overhead budget be covered by the business outreaches of Hasten Nepal within three years, allowing us to expand to other parts of this nation and the world!

Also, will you please consider giving a special end of year gift? Our goal is to raise next year’s entire minimum overhead budget for Hasten Nepal in November and December. That’s $20,000. This will help us expand our programs drastically next year! Keep in mind that this is not our ministry’s entire budget (by far) but the cost of our current programs here inside of Nepal. We have quite a lot going on, so raising the basic cost of our Nepal operations will be super helpful.

Will you please pray about how you can help?

There’s much more to share, but we’ll keep this one short. Please keep praying for the Hasten Nepal leadership, the Nepali board of directors, and us!

Thank you and blessings!

All in for the Gospel,
Dustan & Darlene

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