Food and Supplies Delivered to Landslide Victims in Nepal!

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Hey, Everyone!

Today we are happy to report that thanks to everyone’s overwhelming response we have been able to successfully deliver emergency packets of food and basic goods (rice, sugar, oil etc..) for all 35 families that were affected by the landslide that hit in the remote Ree village of Dhading, Nepal! (as previously mentioned)

We will continue to keep you posted, and share pictures with you all soon. Many of these families are still without their homes and are staying in a school building until the monsoon season ends shortly before school starts.

Funds are still being raised to help with re-planting their gardens and provide them with live chickens to re-start their chicken farms.
However, Step one is complete, and on behalf of everyone YOU have helped in Nepal, we want to personally thank YOU so much for your generous giving!!!

God is faithful to return gifts we give to the poor and those in need. Anything we do for the ‘least of these’, we do for Him. He takes it personally! So thank you for giving to JESUS! 😃

Dustan and I pray for blessings to overtake you in your personal life and for the protection of the Lord to be on you and your family wherever you are at right now.
Our prayer over you is Deuteronomy 28:8 
“The Lord will command the blessing on YOU in your storehouses and in all to which YOU set your hand…”

Love you all!

Blessings in Christ,
Darlene Stanley

To continue helping in this relief effort, please

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