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From the Field: Nepal Village Outreach & Little Sue

Greetings from Central Nepal!

Yesterday, we held our first outreach and it was a great success! We were able to share the Gospel with a small crowd of people. Over half of this group were unbelievers. Some had never heard the Gospel. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, we revealed Jesus through the old testament and led them into the Gospel! It was awesome!

Many raised their hands to give their lives to Jesus while others expressed an interest in following Jesus! We are really believing that we were able to grow the local church that was planted in this area.

After our service we threw a feast! We ate on the grounds (literally many sat on the ground – old school!) and celebrated. During this time the Hasten Nepal team put together the gifts prepared for those in real need in the village.

The gifts contained a month’s supply of rice for a family of four, a very warm blanket for the coming winter months (there’s no indoor heating), a LIVE chicken they can keep until ready (there’s no refrigeration), and other needed supplies for cooking.

We were able to bless 60 families in total! What a joy!

The Kids of Home #2

During our visit, we also checked in with our second host home and the children. They are doing fantastic. We love seeing their faces go from being so scared when they are first brought to our home to kids of joy and laughter. One thing that really sets them apart is their love for worship and prayer. They each get up before school daily at 5 am and spend time in prayer and the word. During the church services, they really stand out as they worship. It’s beautiful.

Little Sue
As many of you know, one of the little girls, whom we call Sue publicly, has had some health issues since she was poisoned (before coming to our home). Her uncle (the only relative that we know of) took her to get treatment over the past month. The report to us and our team according to him was that she was getting better, however, when the Hasten Nepal team and host parents saw her, we see a little girl in need of much more rest and nourishment. She has been very lethargic, sitting to the side while the other kids play. She also seems sad, almost depressed, from all she has been through.

For this reason, we have decided to bring her relative in and take over her care (with their permission). She will be going to a new doctor and Hasten Nations will take over paying for all care. We have found a local doctor, but we also have already prepared a way for Sue to go to a major city where our leadership is based to get better care if the doctors here think it necessary.

We have prayed and are believing that little Sue is healing. We want to make sure she is cared for well as her body recovers from such a traumatic experience.

Please pray for her, that full strength returns, that her blood counts are normal and that she regains all the joy a little girl her age should have. Believe fully with us!

Thank you all who make this happen through your support, encouragement, giving, and prayers. Frontline mission work is full of new situations, but as always, prayers of faith work!

Today, we travel to another part of Nepal for a few days of youth ministry. Pray the joy of the Lord fills the place, souls are saved, and that every person is filled with the Holy Spirit!

We love you all!

All to Jesus,

Pastor Dustan (& Darlene)