A Girl Oppressed of the Devil and a Preacher who Split the Local Church

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Where to begin? This month has been so incredibly busy that I don’t know where to even start. I suppose the best way to communicate all that has happened is to break it up into sections, mission by mission.

So here goes… This will be a series of post, so be sure to stay tuned!

Earlier this year we felt the Lord drawing us to once again pack away everything to go and preach the Gospel. The reason was that we have some ministry and personal debt to pay off and we felt it would be best to not pay rent for six months or so and devote that extra money to paying off bills.

We packed everything away with the help of some god friends and put the majority of our things at Hasten Chattanooga – our studio. From there we set off on another mission to bring the love of Jesus to those afar off. One of my favorite scriptures has become…

‘In the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘children of the living God.’ – Hosea 1:10

Once we landed in Nepal, we took a week to acclimate, then we began.

Our first mission in Nepal was to follow up with three villages we have reached out to in the years before. There are many believers in these villages that we have gotten to know over the years, so naturally, we wanted to visit them and see how things were going.

First, we went to a remote village in the mountains (only a few hours outside of Pokhara). There we visited a young lady we had ministered to during our very first visit to Nepal years ago. The first time we visited her, we, along with our Nepali friends, helped cast a devil out of this poor gal. She was hearing voices, stabbing herself, and when the name of Jesus was spoken she would pass out and it was nearly impossible to wake her. After being very sure that this was truly demonic and not a mental disorder or epilepsy, we prayed and saw her completely recover, all to the glory of God. We felt led to visit this young lady and see how she was doing, so we stuffed ourselves in the IMMENSELY overcrowded local bus and set out on a few hours journey to her small village. When we arrived, she greeted us from her front porch.

“It’s so great to see you _____. (We’ll leave her name out for obvious reasons, let’s just call her K),” Darlene said.

She seemed happy to see us, but a bit stand-offish. After praying with an older woman in the area, we were about to move on.

“Before we go, can we pray for you?” asked Darlene.

She nodded yes, then, out of nowhere, her eyes rolled back in her head and she started to seize. Everyone jumped into action, keeping her from hurting herself as she fell backward. We quickly laid her on her side, made sure she could breathe, and comforted her to the best of our ability. She was immediately comatose, unresponsive, staring into space – her tongue swollen from the seizure. Finally, our friend Lako got her to come to by praying and talking with her in the name of Jesus. We cared for her, made sure she was okay, and then we asked her what happened.

“This has been happening lately,” K said. “There is a spirit, it looks totally black, and it will attack me.”

Clearly, this was alarming. The last time we saw this young lady she was free, totally.

“What is different since last time we came?” we asked.

It took a while, but eventually the story came out. Turns out that a preacher here had lured her and her family away from their church (along wth 80 other believers). At the same time her mother had invited yet more witchcraft into their home (her deceased father had been a witchdoctor, which started all this mess). The combination resulted in poor K being once again oppressed (she WAS demon possessed but the attacks were very different this time. Before, the demons spoke and threatened those around her, but now the attack seem to come from the outside).

The scriptures teach us that once a demon is cast out it leaves and tries to come back again with seven demons stronger than itself (Luke 11, Matthew 12). That is exactly what happened with K. Because she is in such a vulnerable state, with no good spiritual leader, teacher, father or mother, when the mother invited witchcraft in her home she was a prime target.

Terrible. I have to admit, I was a bit frustrated.

We prayed for K, and our friends here eventually got her singing and worshipping the Lord. When we left she was normal again, and we pray that she stays that way. We instructed her, and with a heavy heart we made our way back to our mission base in the city.

The next day the team was sitting in the house when the phone rang.


“How dare you visit my people!” said an angry voice. “They are mine and you will not visit them!”

It was this so-called pastor, apparently furious because we visited someone who went to his church now. It is very good to note that this pastor once was a part of a good church here in central Nepal, but when he could not take over the senior pastor position, he played Absalom (2 Samuel 15) and convinced around 80 leaders and believers to leave the church to come with him. The young woman whom we call “K” and her mother were part of these believers. We had nothing to do with the church drama, but because we work with the original church here he seems to hate us.

The pastor went on to threaten the family if they ever visited “HIS” people again. He acted like he owned the poor girl and her family.

Another note, these people belong to Jesus, not any PERSON! It’s this kind of non-biblical behavior amongst a minuscule minority that gives Christians a bad name in some parts of the world.

People with such blatant anti-christ behaviors are false preachers sent to stop the Gospel rather than promote it. They lead people away and then there is no one who knows their spiritual authority to care for her soul. She is such an easy attack with no mother or father or leader capable of helping her with such spiritual oppression. It really is heartbreaking.

Please pray for her. Also, please pray for the believers that followed the preacher that split the local church here. We need the Holy Spirit to intervene on behalf of those he has deceived. On the internet, this guy looks good. He smiles good, but HE is dangerous. May the Lord repay him according to his deeds. Please pray for this village and its people. Pray that this false teacher will either repent or be removed from causing such harm in the body of Christ.

And pray for me, that I don’t lose it and smack a brother! Just kidding, I won’t, but seriously, pray for me. This type of thing is what gets under my skin more than almost anything, but we’ve dealt with it a lot before and there’s always grace.

There are too many people lost without Jesus than to have to deal with such foolishness.

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