2021 & 2022 Update

Greetings Grace Church! We pray all is well and you are resting in His amazing grace and peace! We have lots to update you on, so we’ll get right to it.

We have seen so much happening this past year through Hasten Nations! Thanks to the support of Grace Church, even in the midst of covid and shut downs, the Kingdom of God has continued to expand in the unreached places of Nepal.

Hasten Nepal:

Sewing Class:

This program has been focused on empowering Women in Nepal so they can support themselves financially. We had 7 women complete our basic sewing education course. These are all women who are in some kind of financial trouble, and are in need of more education to be able to make a living. This is something we care about as more and more women are single and raising children as well. This gives them a skill which can open many more doors. It gives them the ability to work for a company or from home. This program is also another way we are working to keep children and young women safe from the dangers of human trafficking as the numbers for human slavery are on the rise in this nation.

Of our seven ladies who completed our basic training, three of them are now working for a boutique where they make clothes and toys for their living.

Our next goal with this program is to turn our sewing class into a dual business that both helps empower and employ women. This will help this program to be self-sustainable as well as give us the ability to help more and more women.

Literacy Classes: 

Our literacy class program has seen tremendous growth as we have expanded to 12 different villages and multiple provinces. In these classes we have adult men and women learning to read and write Nepali language. These are all people from rural places in Nepal who went into farming at an early age and were never able to complete their education as a child or it was never offered to them. We have been able to use these literacy classes as a way to both share the Gospel message of Jesus as our students are also using the Bible as part of their curriculum. These classes are a tremendous blessing to the believers who desire to be able to read God’s word and have never before been able to do so.

These classes are a help to these people and their families in so many ways. It helps them be empowered to know God’s word for themselves, to not be ignorant of things that could endanger them, and opens the door for so many more jobs and opportunities. 

Support for Pastors/Evangelistic Gospel laborers:

We started supporting a total of 5 Nepali pastors, evangelist, all of whom are planting churches, and spreading the Gospel in some very rural places of this mountainous nation. Years ago the Lord showed us that the way that the nation of Nepal and Tibet (all places yet to have the Gospel fully established) would be reached is through empowering Nepali who are more than capable of crossing the mountains with the Gospel. For years Europeans and Americans have tried and failed because of the difficult mountains and elevation. However we see the Lord’s plan to use the Nepali believers to do this. Empowering them to do it is where we are now seeing so much more growth and harvest of souls!

Last year we saw over 80 souls saved and baptized. Also God has been reaching many of these new souls through miracles of healing. Even some witch doctors and people who practiced witchcraft have been coming to Jesus! One man had cancer and Doctors said there was nothing more they could do,  but JESUS completely healed him! A young lady who was paralyzed from her waist down for two years was completely healed and is now going back to college to finish. Glory to God! 

We helped support 3 new churches being planted and just this year we are looking to help 2 more churches. 

Recently we have had 14 new souls added to the Kingdom of God in just the 4 new territories that we are focused on spreading the Gospel currently. Most of this is done through one-on-one evangelism as hosting large evangelistic gatherings is illegal. Our pastors have been baptizing the new believers in rivers. It’s glorious to see the Gospel spreading despite shut-downs, and despite the now illegal law against spreading the Gospel. But God! To God be the Glory! He is on the move in this beautiful and very precious place. 

We are looking to soon start doubling our efforts to support more Nepali Pastors/Evangelists in the spreading of the Gospel into more remote regions. So much of Nepal is still unreached. We would like to be able to start supporting 10 pastors. This way we will be able to see a double harvest of souls and more churches planted as a result! 

Food Program:

During the covid crisis there have been many families jobless and have gone without their basic needs like food. During this time we fundraised to give food to families in need. Through our generous supporters and yalls support we are so happy to report that Hasten Nations has been able to provide more than 30,000 meals to families! We sponsored on average a family with enough food to carry them for about 2-4weeks. One particular family we were able to help with living essentials as their home was destroyed in a fire. This family lived in the jungle where they live on the land. We were able to supply them with rice, clothing, cooking pans, & utensils. 

Our Kids Home & Expansion:

Our most precious project of all! Just a couple of weeks ago we brought a new child into our current host home and helped one other child until he and his mother could get back on their feet. Our home now has a total of 6 children that Hasten is caring for completely full time. These are children who would have otherwise been at risk of human-trafficking. We take in children who have been abandoned, orphaned or who’s parent(s) are unable to provide for them. All our kids have experienced loss and have been so blessed by our family who cares for them. Our new girl that just came to our home is 13yrs old and her parents divorced and married different people and then abandoned her.

(Our new girl with our host home parents.)

This happens sometimes in Nepal as the new spouse doesn’t want anything to do with the children from another marriage. So the children are left to fend for themselves. Thankfully this little girl knew about our host home and came to our family there to ask about living with them. Once they researched her story they discovered that this was true. No one was taking care of her and no remaining family she has is able to support her. So we gladly have been able to give her a home and are now getting all the necessary things that she needs.

This puts our home currently at its max, and now it’s time to start expanding!

(Pic of HASTEN’s kids we are housing and supporting on our wall at our HQ)

Our team has seen the increasing need in just the surrounding villages that children are facing. There is so much need for more homes. So we have been working on a plan to build an addition to our current home that will at least double or more than double our current capacity. We will have to fundraise extra support to cover this building project. 

Also, while in prayer the Lord began to give me (Darlene) some clarity on how to find more places to open more homes for children. The Lord spoke directly to my heart saying, “There are so many more children. There are so many more children..” And He began to download exact instructions for me to follow to find our next family to host a new home through. The Lord told me to write to our lead pastor we work through who leads the team of Pastors & Evangelists we support and ask him to write to all the pastors to see if any of them are willing and able to start taking in children in crisis. After writing to him, he wrote to me almost immediately back saying, “Sister Darlene, yes I have one pastor (Eliya) who has already contacted me saying he and his wife (Shanti) are willing and able. Also, he just told me that he has been praying for 5 years for the ability to open a children’s home!” 

Wow, this message floored us! Only God knew that! So immediately we began working through our team to find out more about them and get them background checked and vetted. The couple’s names are Eliya & Shanti. They have an amazing background and story. They have helped establish 3 churches in Nepal and are currently pastoring one of those. They have two godly kids of their own who are almost out of school and are an amazing family. It’s been a desire of theirs for a long time to be able to help children at risk. They had started asking the Lord and praying for this 5 years ago…

So fast forward to now… Our team leader of our current children’s home, Bro Bir, has gone to meet with them and was tremendously blessed by the visit. The home will need some furnishings and to be equipped of course to take in children, but it was built only 4 years ago and is in good shape. Everything is approved for us to move forward! 

This means that we will be able to open our second home for children before the end of the year in a completely new district! 

It’s just amazing how God is really behind this and has directly been leading this project. It’s His heart’s desire for us to be able to care for so many more children. He told me this when I asked Him for an ideal goal of how many children He wanted us to take care of, He said, “As many as you receive I will supply. As many homes that you open I will fill.” Meaning there is no limit! So praise God we are moving forward fast on this and need yalls continued support and increase. 

By finding pastors, and families who love God and want to be equipped to take in orphaned children in Nepal this will open the door for Hasten to expand to many more villages and provinces! It’s God’s desire for the children to be brought up by godly Nepali families and for them to be an example as well for their own nation to follow. 

Grace, without your support, we as a ministry would never have gotten to this place. We want to express our gratitude and dearest thanks for your support that has never slipped. Hasten Nations is your ministry to Nepal and other nations, and we hope you are pleased with our progress. Covid has made growth and expansion very challenging, but somehow in the middle of it God has expanded and given us ways to keep spreading the love of Jesus. We are confident that when the restrictions are finally and fully lifted we will be able to move even further and faster.

Also, because Grace’s support is used to fund our overseas work (primarily Nepal and world evangelism), this letter has focused mainly on that division of Hasten Nations. However, please note that Hasten Nations is also expanding in the USA as we work to plant Hasten Church in Chattanooga, TN. Because of the ups and downs of the past two years, progress has been slow, but we can report that we have recently started weekly evangelistic style meetings and are working to grow these now. We have also begun building and training an American team to reach our neighbors and the nations with the Gospel. We are looking to build outreaches online, an outreach to Hospice patients and their families, and we have a dream of operating a refrigerated food truck to distribute food to the struggling. We would be happy to expound more on this work if you are interested in hearing more. We do understand that our partnership with Grace has always been for the nations, and we are thrilled to report that we are more dedicated than ever. Seriously. Our work to finish the Great Commission and save God’s babies is our heartbeat, and it is such an honor to be partnered with you to see it happen.

In 2021-2022, we are asking for Grace Church to consider increasing our monthly support and to pray about helping to fund one of the expansions for our children’s homes. This will help us increase the support of our local pastors and evangelists and really boost us in our efforts in saving His (God’s) babies. By the end of the year, we want to double our support of Pastors and Evangelists to continue spreading the Gospel in remote Nepal and triple the number of children we care for full time. God has given us amazing relationships and opportunities to carry the Gospel forward in a now closed nation. What an opportunity! We ask for your continued support in these efforts to help us see Nepal reached for Jesus! We love you all! If you have any questions, please send us an email to [email protected]. You can also call anytime to our direct line, 423-710-5402. We can’t wait to hear back and we look forward to many more decades of working together!

All to Jesus,

Dustan & Darlene Stanley