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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving from the USA!

We just returned home from Nepal and are currently with family celebrating Thanksgiving! The house is full and we are sleeping in the living room of our family’s home, which makes us very very happy. It’s so good to be home!

This morning, as we prepared for a day of thanksgiving, we heard a great preacher on tv say, “The blessing of the Lord is not enough to make you happy. It’s not. Not until it becomes gratitude!”

We can’t agree more!

Today, acknowledge the good things you are blessed with, from the warm running water in your home (many places we go have to carry water from distant wells) to your precious family. Thank God for his goodness! That’s how blessings turn into contentment and joy, through thanksgiving!

When we consider all we are thankful for, we think of Jesus, our families, and we think of YOU! Honestly, none of our ministry work would happen without your prayers, encouragement, and giving!

Some of our very first ministry work was done in Indonesia. In the Indonesian language, when you say ‘thank you’, it is ‘terima kasih’. The literal translation is, ‘I receive your pure love!”.

Today, we want to say that you. Terima Kasih. We have received your love, and we return it back to you. Thank God for you. Thank God for your prayers. Thank God for your giving.

YOU are the best. We hope you have a great day, and a…

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dustan & Darlene