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Over the years we have seen the Lord do amazing things from one side of our world to the other. We’ve seen the wonders of the world! But the most amazing thing we’ve seen is the GRACE that we live in because of Jesus!

For that amazing grace, we are thankful!

And we are thankful for you!

Every life touched over the years, every meal given and prayer for the sick offered, every unreached person that we have shared the Gospel with, every new Gospel laborer we have trained, we owe to those of you who give and pray. Your rewards for your sacrifice and generosity arebeing stored up in heaven!

As we prepare to leave for this year’s big holiday outreach (, we are overcome by your love for the world! Today, we pray you are blessed, full of joy and peace, and acutely aware of the rich love that our Father in heaven has for you and your family!

God bless you and happy thanksgiving!

Dustan & Darlene

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