Hasten Ministry Update – February 2020

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Hello, my friend and colaborer in the Gospel of Jesus! I hope this email finds you full of faith, joy, and full of the presence of our mighty God!

Since you are a partner of Hasten the Nations, I wanted to let you know about a few things going down over the next few months.

First, in April we will take the first of many evangelistic and mission trips planned for 2020. We will be headed back to Nepal to work on expanding, training, and leading our team. During this time, one of the Hasten Kids we care for will be having surgery. Her name is Matti. Please pray for her. She will be having a leg/foot surgery so she can walk normally. Just after Easter, Darlene and I will go to Nepal to be with her. 

During this time in Nepal, we will plan on visiting some of our remote work. Please keep this in prayer. We are exploring new areas and partnerships for caring for more at-risk kids. We also plan on holding a discipleship intensive and traveling to India to make connections to expand our work and to preach the Gospel. Please, cover this in prayer. We will try to cover all of this within three weeks, which is a sprint, so pray for very good planning and much favor!

In other news, here in the USA, we just signed a lease for a Hasten the Nations HQ. This place will be a place of training, media production, and a place where our team members can worship together weekly. We will raise up a team from this HQ that will go to the nations with us. Hasten Church will meet here on Sunday’s as a team as well. Our hope is that by late August/Eary Sept we will have a large enough launch team to launch Hasten Church in a larger venue.

The need for this place is real. Over the years we have done so much with so little of a team. In a dream a few years ago, I had a messenger walk up to me and tell me, “It’s time for you to gather people together to do all that God has put in your heart.” This HQ will make that possible. From weekly Bible teachings, weekly worship services, to media production, missions training, and so on, we will be able to gather a body that will be united in the mission to see our nation revived and the unreached nations reached with the Gospel!

We have already begun renovations. Pray for servant leaders to help with this process. We have to move some walls, get chairs, redo floors, and upgrade a little of our sound and lighting. Our goal is to get the basics done by March 1 so we can hold our next Hasten Together revival service in our new HQ. Pray for that!

The budget for our next mission to Nepal/India is around $10,000 (including Matti’s surgery cost). Our basic budget for Hasten HQ is around $20,000 (including chairs and sound upgrades). Please consider a special gift. If you are able, please renew your monthly giving or increasing it, please do. This is a year of ministry, where we HASTEN to expand God’s kingdom like never before and HASTEN to save more kids from the risk of trafficking and major poverty.

Oh, and one last thing that I forgot to update you all on. Our first Hasten Together meeting was powerful. Rarely have I felt the presence of God in such an amazing way. God filled our praise with His glory. People were bowed, laid on the floor in worship, and there was such a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, that we sat in awe of Jesus for a time. As we fast and pray, I know that this anointing will increase and people will leave these meetings exclaiming that God is here and Jesus is Lord!

I love you all. It is our privilege to be your servants and your feet to take the Gospel to the Nations!

All to Jesus!

Pastor Dustan

P.S. To give, go to https://www.hasten.tv/hastennations-com – If you need any help, email us at [email protected] and someone will help you set it up!