Hasten Partner Update – Dustan and Darlene Stanley – FALL 2017

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Hey everyone! I know you are blessed, thrilled, and focused! Jesus is real and He is really moving throughout the world!

First, I’d like to confess that we have not communicated much this year. I’m sorry about that. 2017 has been a doozy because of sickness and transition in our family. Yet, through it all, God is good! In Jesus name, every situation is on its way to a good report!

In the middle of all of this, we have been moving around quite a bit – from home base in Chattanooga to Mississippi to California, to Kentucky, to Greece, to Texas and back again. We are currently prepping for another mission to South Asia in winter, so we thought we’d better update you all.

One thing we are learning is how to love and care for those God has called us to and at the same time, let the fire of Jesus be seen in our eyes as we continue to press forward with the Gospel.

Okay, now for the update…

In December, we will hold the first service of the new church plant in Nepal, United Freedom English Fellowship! The senior pastor is our team leader and co-laborer, Pastor Lako Lama. In a way, this is the culmination of four years of friendship and work together. Seeing God grow Pastor Lako into who he is has become has been amazing. Once launched and healthy, all of our programs will run from this church plant. Over the next few years, the church will work hard to be self-sufficient. This is a great victory! Another fellowship of Jesus followers in an unreached nation, and one with a missions heart!

We’ve also started feeding the kids on the street near where are our HASTEN NEPAL center first began. The team has been going twice a week, finding them, and giving them food, love, and Jesus. Pray that we are able to get this well organized and more frequent. We want to expand this program a lot in 2018.

We delivered emergency supplies to our villages hurt by the recent landslides and are looking forward to planting more gardens and starting more chicken farms in these same areas. Those farms have been one of our biggest successes! We are also looking to start small businesses for the basket-weavers. This is immediate and sustainable income for struggling families.

Because of a lack of transportation, we will be shifting the sewing class to on-the-job training – so that those in most need can afford to learn. We will, in the future, hire these women to make products that HASTEN Nepal can sell in order to make them closer to being financially self-sufficient.

On the USA side of our work, we just finished shooting 21 teaching episodes of HASTEN.tv. The goal is to take all the lessons we’ve learned from the years of missionary journeys and give them to those who watch. Our prayer for this is that God will give us more laborers for the Harvest!

As to training, we just launched the beginning stages of our new website. This is where we will base our online training (shooting this within the next few months). After the online training is launched, we will begin the process of building an internship to provide second stage training to up and coming missionaries. This training will be inexpensive, on-demand, and available worldwide.

And lastly, after much prayer, we see the Lord would have us begin to build a team to reach HASTEN’s home city, Chattanooga, TN. Sometime in early 2018, we will begin gathering people who want to be missionaries to our nation and leading them into God’s presence, then we will hit the streets to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors.  Our hope is that we will win enough souls to start a new fellowship. You’ll hear more about that in the future.

Currently, we are preparing for another journey to South Asia. The budget for this next mission is $7,000.

My (Dustan’s) Dad is currently in the hospital in Houston, so please lift him and mom up. It’s been a wild year of dialysis, cancer treatments, and a lot of ups and downs. Still, we don’t look at what we can see, but what the word of God says.

Next year is looking to be the busiest year of our ministry. We have programs we want to start in West Africa, the USA, and more in South Asia. I cannot stress this enough: We NEED you. We need your prayers, support, and financial support more than ever. We have so many wide open doors for the Gospel around the world – the only limitations are resources and laborers. Please, pray and ask the Lord how you can help.

Around the world, Satan is getting more and more full of wrath because He knows his times is growing short. He is getting nervous! We are not yet finished with the Great Commission, but we are getting closer!

We could actually be the generation to finish the work the apostles started!

God bless you all!

All in for the Gospel,
Dustan & Darlene Stanley