Hasten Plans To Open Its First Host Home in Remote Nepal!

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As many of you know, lots of prayer has been going into our plans on how to help the children better in Nepal. So many who are in extreme poverty are at risk of being sold to human traffickers or of being sent away to big cities never to return home.

With this pressing problem and us needing to find solutions that won’t take years to build,  a solution presented itself during our trip to Nepal this past month. The Lord showed me that we could begin immediately helping these children through providing them host homes.

What Is A Host Home?

A host home is basically a real home and a real family lead by a Christian couple that will provide orphaned and needy children a loving stable family environment.

Why a Host Home?

Through tons of research and examples, we’ve learned (and all the experts agree) that there is nothing better than giving children a loving family. The family, God’s method, is still the best way to help children’s physical and emotional needs over the long term. Cost is way more efficient, and one of the main reasons is to simply keep children safe in their home village. Most of the dangers with human trafficking comes when the child leaves their hometown. When that’s the case, they are taken to a big city where they have no relatives, no friends, and no one who knows them. Many times they are passed around place to place, and sometimes their families loose contact with them all together.

Our goal with building and setting up these host homes will be to keep the children in the area so they won’t have to leave their village or community, and in some cases bring children who were sent away back home to their friends and loved ones.

As for right now, we are excited to announce we have approved our first host family!

From our recent trip this past month to the villages, we sought out the couple that God was drawing us to ask about becoming our first host family. As we talked with them, they shared how they both had the same desire to care for the orphaned (or in extreme need) children in their village. It was amazing! The Lord led us to the right family to start this with, and He put the same dream in their heart as well!

This family is amazing!

They are a christian family who we’ve known for 6 years. They have hosted us in their home many times. The wife and mother is one of our four literacy class teachers. She and her husband are an outstanding couple with a big heart for children. They have expressed to us how they want to take in up to 4 of the at-risk children from their village and one from a nearby village.

What We Need To Start Our First Host Home.

We need to help our host home family with building a bigger house to make room for all the children. We been putting a budget together to do this, and the total for everything will take $10,000. 

We are asking you, our generous partners in the Gospel, to help us make room to parent these little ones! As this year comes to a close, will you please consider giving a generous gift to help finish this house and make a home for these precious kids?

As Hasten International Mission is actively growing, we are believing for $50,000 before the end of 2018 to cover the ministry’s programs world-wide and to support our many team members.

Please pray and ask what the Lord will have you give and become a vital part of this essential ministry to carry the Gospel forward in the unreached world! The Bible promises that when we are kind to the poor we lend to the Lord, and that He will reward us for what we have done. (Prov 19:17)

Let’s care for Jesus’ little ones by helping give them a home, and let’s keep running the race set before us!

All in for the Gospel,

Darlene Stanley


Hasten International Mission is actively pushing the Gospel forward in the unreached world through our teaching, preaching, television, media, training videos, church planting from the USA to Asia, fighting poverty and human trafficking through various education programs, by giving aid, and actively ministering to people across the USA and world.