Hasten Starts Fourth Literacy Class in Remote Nepal!

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At the beginning of 2017, Hasten started its first literacy class in remote Nepal. Less than a year later, we began two more literacy classes in two villages.

Now, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded to four literacy classes in over four villages!

We just want to thank God who has been so good in providing for these critical educational programs!!!

It’s estimated that around 30% of Nepali men and up to 60% of Nepali women are unable to read or write. This is a VERY big problem in Nepal. Many adults were not given the chance at an education while they were young, and in many cases it simply wasn’t available for them. This is another reason why poverty persists in these rural places. Jobs and opportunities are extremely limited when you can’t read or write.

For this reason, our classes offer an opportunity for Nepali adults to learn to read and write in their own Nepali language.

Scripture says,

“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge,” (Hosea 4:6).

It’s our goal to help secure their lives by providing education which then results in better jobs, better futures, and protects them, their children, and grandchildren from the pressing problems of human trafficking in this part of the world.

Knowledge equals empowerment, which then equals freedom.

Education really makes a big difference in the developing world. We never want to see the poor or under privileged taken advantage of simply because of what they DO NOT know.

We believe that it is every human being’s right to have an opportunity at an education.

Please continue to pray and lift up these classes in your prayer times! Pray for our teachers, that they would be anointed to shine with the love of God. Pray that the light of God’s word would shine in all the people’s hearts so they can come to an understanding of the truth. Not all our students are believers, so these classes give our teachers an opportunity to share from the Word of God as part of their teaching literature. Pray for continued open doors in this area as the Lord is busy spreading the truth about Jesus Christ in these unreached places of the world!

Every monthly giver towards Hasten’s work is apart of helping these literacy classes change lives for the better.

We always want to communicate what your giving is doing. We are a team effort making a difference! If you want to “Hasten” to help others you can become a monthly partner today! Simple go to our giving page to set up your monthly payment at the link here.¬†


All in for Jesus,

Darlene Stanley

  • Hasten International Mission is actively pushing the Gospel forward in the unreached world through our teaching, preaching, television, media, training videos, church planting from the USA to Asia, fighting poverty and human trafficking through various education programs, by giving aid, and actively ministering to people across the USA and the world.