Hasten the Nations’s 2020 Vision Letter

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Dear Friends and Co-Laborers in the Gospel,

First, I want to personally tell you how thankful we are for you. It is through the grace of God shown through you that we have been able to continue to expand the kingdom of God. Your prayers and giving make everything happen. On behalf of those we’ve reached with the Gospel, the at-risk children we’ve helped give a home to, and the many we’ve been able to enable in the work of ministry, THANK YOU!

We’ve spent the first part of 2020 seeking the Lord to clarify our plans for the next few years. It has been a time of prayer and fasting, and God has answered! What we have heard from God has caused many of our plans to be reshaped and sharpened, and that is what I want to share with you today. I once heard the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke say that every year he would lay out his agenda before the Lord, and every year the Lord would prune it down to one mission, Christ for all Nations. That is what God has once again done to our plans, pruned them to match His plans!

In 2020, we will continue to care for and expand all of our programs concerning women and children in Nepal. We were currently praying for God to supply the right family for a second host home, and we are praying about expanding our current home to include a few more kids. We will keep growing the church in Nepal, and, with God’s grace and an increase in our income, we will expand our strategic gospel partnerships to include more Nepali pastors and evangelists. We will once again hold our conference in Pokhara this year and are opening it up for partners of Hasten to come along and serve, minister, and experience some of what God is doing in Nepal.

Also, during a worship session over the New Year, the Lord dropped six nations (not including the USA) in my heart. Our original plan was to scale back travel a bit, but Jesus has other plans apparently. We are to gather help here in the USA so we can keep going to the nations He is leading us to. Those nations are Nepal (of course), Ghana, Nigeria, India, Israel, and Brazil. We will be holding discipleship courses and evangelistic campaigns in four, while in two we will be taking part in programs and sharing the Gospel on the streets. We will also be holding up to eight evangelistic meetings in the USA this year. Our goal is to win the lost to Jesus right here at home! 

Another new development is the renewal of our Great Commission Academy. We were going to just let it be swallowed up into our television platform, but the Lord made it clear during fasting and prayer that it is through discipleship that we will multiple Gospel laborers. Our plans are to start a training program called Hasten U that meets in Chattanooga. This will not be an easy program, but an intense discipleship experience that includes classes, service requirements, time of prayer and fasting, mission trips, and extended time in the Lord’s presence. We will make many sessions available online, but we have come to realize that nothing replaces the impartation that comes through being trained in person.

Also, our launch date for Hasten Church in Chattanooga has shifted to August, following a three-day conference we plan to hold in Chattanooga called Hasten 2020. Please keep watching for dates and plan on coming!

When it all comes down to it, we (Darlene and I) are called to be leaders that model a sacrificial life for the Gospel. This means tight schedules and a lot of travel. We are already praying for a few men and women of God to raise support and join our team of traveling servants of the Gospel. God has shown us that we need another pastor to raise funds and join the team. This pastor will help lead Hasten Church and Hasten U when we are abroad so that we can keep preaching the Gospel all over the world. We believe God is raising up an old breed of church leader that works to reach the world and teaches their people through word and example! No longer can the ministers nor the church people live within the four walls of their church or city!

These are the plans for the next few years. Please cover them in prayer. If you are able, please consider increasing your monthly giving. If you’re not a monthly partner, now is the time. We need your help like never before. If we were able to double our monthly budget, we would be able to do every program mentioned here with a level of excellence. Whatever amount you can give monthly will be helpful. We need you to join us in praying for more funds to cover all the ministry costs. Also, join us in praying for people to join our team here in the USA, some for local work and some for traveling ministry.

2020 starts the decade of harvest. We truly believe it! And TOGETHER, we will help finish the Great Commission! We love you!!


Pastor Dustan (& Darlene) Stanley

Hasten to the Nations