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Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and thank you for your love and support over the years. Today, Hasten International Mission (aka Revolutionary Life) turns TEN years old!

We dug out our original mission statement and it matched our current vision exactly! Still the same! Same for 2000 years – to see the world know Jesus! Our goals are the same too. Check them out here:

For our 10th year, we’re going ALL IN! We are in the middle of planning months of evangelism in Europe, Africa, and Asia AND we’re booking ministry here in the USA to bring the fire of the Gospel to local churches. Also, we’re in the middle of another season of Hasten TV. You can watch those here:

Please, today, celebrate with us! You have given and prayed to help the Hasten team reach the unreached and serve the suffering. We consider you one of us! Thank you.

All in for the Gospel,
Dustan (& Darlene) Stanley

P.S. As always, I want to give you the option to be a part of this year’s evangelism and mission work. To give, go here: