Hasten’s Kids Home Is Expanding!

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Here’s an exciting update for you concerning our Hasten Home for kids!

A few months back we started expanding the children’s home in Nepal to make room for more kids. And great news: the work is done! We recently completed adding a dining room onto the kitchen (it was getting a bit crowded) and expanding bedroom space to sleep more kids.


Expanding of Hasten’s Kids Home in Nepal.


During the renovation process, we got word of a child who needed our home – a boy who had lost his dad in an avalanche. So now, we have welcomed a new child into our Hasten Home in remote Nepal! 


It has been so exciting to watch God provide for His/our kids. We completed the expansion just in time for us to receive another child! God always provides! In one year we have gone from caring for three kids to now six full time. 

The new expanded kitchen & dining area.


Praise God for his provision and praise God for all of you who give to make this possible! In heaven, your treasures are growing! 


Our Hasten home serves as a refuge for children who are orphaned, abandoned, or who are in a challenging situation where the mom or grandparents are not able to care for them.


It has given us absolute pleasure to be Jesus’ loving arms, embracing and caring for HIS (our Father God’s) children. He loves them so much!


Kids eating in their new dining room space.



As we seek God, He is over and over again saying, “Save my babies and give them a home. Let them know that I Am their Father and I love them.” 


Now, we are very close to max capacity in our first village home. We are praying and asking God to give us a second location soon. What we have heard from the Lord is that He wants us to have a larger piece of land where we will be able to house many more children, farm, educate, and plant a church/discipleship training center for the Nepali. And since He has said it again and again, we know the land and the buildings are coming! We truly believe this is what God wants, and we are continuing to stand and believe in prayer.


Please remember to stand with us. We need to expand soon. Pray for us to be able to expand to the left and right.


Hasten's Kids Home
(The children at Hasten’s Home. Our newest boy is at the back right corner! :))


Also, please consider partnering with us monthly to support these children, continue to save God’s babies, and to spread the Gospel to many who have never heard it. We need every donation, big and small. Your gifts matter and are making all the difference in these young lives!


This is the time to Hasten Jesus to the nations, not a time for us to slow down, but now is the season to Hasten our step.


Thank you, partners! You are heroes. Your investment here matters for all eternity. Remember to keep shining for Jesus and let’s continue to give…


All to JESUS! 

Darlene Stanley