Help Us Launch Hasten Nepal Center and Save Lives!

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Hey everyone, currently we are busy getting the Hasten Nepal Center launched. Please watch this video and share with everyone you know. It’s important that we all be apart of rescuing and saving lives that are being enslaved.

Hasten Nepal is now a legal in country NGO (Non Government Organization) giving us the ability to raise funds to help communities develop and keep families together. The government has approved of our working here, and is looking forward to our programs being taken to the rural places so their people can be given the education and help they need.

We’ve found a facility where we can begin our bilingual church meetings, a basic day-care, literacy classes, educational programs, and job skill training. It’s here where people will be trained and then sent out to remote places that are at risk. We have included the mountain vehicle we need in the budgeting plan also. Having the vehicle will give us the ability to help many more people, and reach places that are in desperate need. Now this is where we need your help to raise the budget so we can put a stop to the trafficking of the poor and keep families from being torn apart by money greedy people!

The border between Nepal & India is the highest trafficked border in the world. Largely young women and girls from Nepal are the ones being trafficked into India’s large cities which is a transit country. The young women of Nepal are targeted because of their fairer skin color, beauty, and a lie that says a Nepali virgin can cure aids.

The people that are being targeted are desperate, poor, illiterate, and from uneducated families. Illiteracy is around 60% among women, and 30% among men. 

All a trafficker has to do is make big promises to a desperate family struggling to care and feed their kids, saying they will take them to the bigger cities where they can get an education and work. For many of these villagers who are out of touch with the outside world this sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime, and they are completely unaware they are sending them away with a predator.

We’ve witnessed many of these extreme poor situations and it’s easy to see why the poor can easily be taken advantage of. For someone who is struggling to eat and survive, any opportunity that comes your way seems better. In some cases the moms are the ones selling themselves into prostitution for the sake of taking care of their family. It’s not easy to look at, but people will do just about anything to survive. When you are without education, and are from a poor social class there is not alot of jobs to turn to. It’s not about NOT caring when they can’t afford to care. It all comes down to survival.


So we’ve determined to help solve these situations by providing educational programs that focus on giving people the ability to CHOOSE their work profession, giving them various job skills so they can enter the work force and thus help the economy. It’s easier than it’s ever been before to provide ways for people to be educated. It’s simple, and it solves the root problems that are causing these major issues.

Poverty is a sickness and it’s cure is education.

Since the heartbreaking earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015, over 3.5 million people have lost their homes, putting the people in the remote rural places in more danger of trafficking than ever before. Traffickers now come posing as aid workers, targeting desperate poor families.

The time to do something is now. We need your help! If you can give a little bit every month it helps a along way! And if you’re someone who can invest in getting this center and programs started we really can use the start up help with this! Regardless the case, we can all do something. The only reason evil can continue to exist is when good people do nothing. 

Watch, share this page, and give to help join in the fight against slavery to help save Nepali lives today by providing them with valuable educational programs!