May 2021 Newsletter

Friends and Partners,

I pray this letter finds you thrilled in the presence of God and in awe of God’s amazing Grace. Truly, through Christ, we have sufficient reason to rejoice. He is the only begotten Son of God, and through His death and resurrection, we are totally and completely reconciled to God and granted life everlasting. Praise to our wonderful Heavenly Father, whose mercy triumphs over His judgment!

I’m writing you this letter from Chattanooga, our USA headquarters. We’ve spent much time here the last few years as the coronavirus has so restricted our travel. It’s been more than a challenge for us, not being able to spend time with family both here in the USA and so many we call family around the world. As many of you know, we are foster parents, and that means we cannot travel out of state with our children without state approval. Because of this, we have been unable since early December to travel to see family, friends, and partners, but praise God, we just received our first approval for late April (when I’m writing this), and will be allowed to travel to MS with the family.

Also, I (Dustan) have a trip to Nepal scheduled in May. And although I have already beaten (by God’s  Grace) the Covid 19 virus and will be fully vaccinated, Nepal is experiencing another major surge because of variations of the virus coming from India. Pray these variants die, lives are saved, and that no more surge takes place in this part of the world. Also, pray that travel will remain safely open and that I will be able to go unhindered to manage and expand Hasten’s work in Nepal.

This year, even through the covid restrictions, Hasten has been able to hold one special outreach in Nepal and one here in the USA, along with three other special worship events and weekly prayer intercession meetings.

In Nepal, we were able to feed around 100 suffering families that have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

In the words of one of our Nepali team leaders, “It has been a great help and blessing to those needy families. We could bless not only those who lost the job because of covid but some such families like single women who was forsaken by her husband, father of the house paralyzed and mother was struggling to provide food for the familiy etc. Really thankful to you to all who have helped for this relief.”

Praise God! And thank you. It is from your generosity that this was done.

We also held a special Easter service in Collegedale, TN for people who did not feel comfortable coming to an indoor Easter service. We held a worship, communion, Gospel outreach the day before Easter in an indoor/outdoor venue (with large roll-up garage doors so people could sit outside). One of my favorite memories from this time was seeing two elderly couples (one who was on oxygen) sitting just outside of our large rolled-up garage doors, hearing the message of the resurrection. Faith, hope, and LOVE remain, but the greatest is love. We saw this event as a labor of love to serve these families while celebrating Resurrection Day together.

We look forward to many many more Gospel outreaches like these this year!

2021 Plans

This is an important year for Hasten! As we look to add new projects, expand support of partner ministries, and take major steps of faith toward expanding the Kingdom of God, we need major favor! That’s good news too, because, as we confess daily, we have favor all around us, surrounding us like a shield!

This year, our goals in Nepal are ambitious, but we think we can accomplish most of these with God’s help. We’ve spent a lot of time in prayer, and feel the Lord is leading us in seven specific areas.

  • To take a step of faith and double our support of our underground workers. These are those working to expand the Gospel in unreached areas that have been closed to Jesus.
  • To purchase Hasten Nepal a mountain capable vehicle ($50k) so our teams can expand Hasten’s work in the mountains and prepare to move our HQ to a new location outside the city.
  • To launch a salon that will help Nepali victims of human trafficking return from India. One of our friends and team members in Nepal has all the training and experience needed. I’ll be meeting to start this process during my next trip.
  • To turn our sewing classes into a business. This is a step to make Hasten Nepal more self-sustaining as well as a way to provide for those we are training. If possible, this will be housed in the same location as the Salon.
  • To hold our annual Hasten Nepal conference, fall outreach, and Christmas outreach.
  • To recruit more missionaries to join the team. We are currently processing two (maybe three) short-term American missionaries to join our team for a few months every year in Nepal. The goal will be to keep things continually moving forward even when we are unable to physically be there.
  • To resume the search for a perfect large piece of land outside of the city to plant Hasten Nepal’s village. Pray we find the right land at the right price. We are hoping to purchase this in 2022.
The Model of the Jeeps we are Believing For

Hasten’s On-Going Projects

  • Our children’s home in remote Dhading, Nepal has continued caring for all of our children during this time. In Mays 2021, we will be providing for all of their school, clothing for the next year, and personal needs for the year. This will cost just over $2,000.
  • In Spring of 2021, all of our literacy classes, English classes, and evangelical projects were scheduled to relaunch and are in the process of doing so. However, as Nepal fights the virus, this is unpredictable. We’ll let you know when things finally get back to normal.
  • Our church partners are beginning to meet again as they are allowed. Another lockdown was just ordered, so please keep them all in prayer.
  • Our underground workers have been RUNNING. We are always getting baptism pictures from unreached areas. These are the Nepali partners we want to help by allowing them to use our vehicles and doubling their support.



Before I go, I want to give you all a quick update on our work here in the USA. Since Covid, we have not spoken at any churches or done any traveling itinerant ministry, however we have held one local evangelistic outreach here in Chattanooga. Also, because of mandates and a lot of difficulties, we have moved the Sunday morning launch of Hasten Church to October 10th. In the meanwhile, we have been holding prayer and intercession meetings, and special SEEK services designed to get our small team in the presence of God. Our plans are to begin weekly Sunday night SEEK services as we are able and to hold evangelistic outreaches here in the city during the summer that will lead up to a fall launch.

Although Hasten Church is a church plant that’s overseen by Hasten International Mission, it is a totally different organization. We are now at the place that Hasten Church will begin to stand on its own in the coming months. This will help us have more resources for our international work. Please keep the church in prayer. It has already proven to be the place where we will find, recruit, and train up more workers for Hasten’s International work.. Currently, Hasten Church is meeting in Hasten International Mission’s HQ, but hopefully, when we launch Sunday mornings we will need to find a larger location.  Please pray for these things:

  • For a solid leadership team to come together. A group of servant leaders.
  • The Lord has spoken to us that we will have a local pastor to lead when we are overseas and traveling, please be in prayer for this leader to come in the right timing.
  • For financial self-sustainability. Our goal is for Hasten Church to give in to the International Mission once it is healthy. With all the delays of 2020 and 2021, we need this to happen asap.
  • Also, we have an amazing opportunity to serve Hospice patients and caregivers here in Hamilton County, TN. Through a partnership with a local business in town, we would be allowed to send packets to these suffering families to share the love of Jesus. These business partners of ours have told us they have around 700 revolving patients. That’s 700 families we could impact. Please keep this in prayer, as it would be a great way to tangibly show God’s love to the hurting of our city.

Friends, if you’ve read this far, thank you. I know the update is long. And thank you for all your prayers and giving and love. We are dedicated to expanding God’s kingdom in every way that He has shown us, and we know we would never be successful in our obedience without your obedience to pray and give. I know the dollars represent more than just dollars. It represents yourself, your time, and your work. We never take it for granted and live in a place of constant thanksgiving for you. We love you.

Please, if you have any questions, comments, or whatever, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] As we step back into a new season of expansion and growth, I want to grow more and more connected to those who make it all possible. You are the ones we are sharing this life with, and We love it.

Have an awesome week! You may receive this in the mail as well, so don’t be surprised.

All to Jesus!

Dustan (& Darlene) Stanley