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Meditate on the Word of God

In life, we are surrounded and bombarded by a million different voices. God puts something in our hearts or speaks to us to do something, and instantly those voices come screaming. Often, we know what to do, but the voices of the world and the devil come to try to talk us out of it.

“It’ll never work,” the devil says.

“You can’t accomplish that,” you tell yourself.

Those are the lies. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that those lies have the potential to steal your obedience thus stealing your promised land. The good news is that we will hear those voices. It’s common to man. And those lies don’t have to be believed.

One of the many reasons we are called to meditate on the Word of God (Psalms 1, Joshua 1), never letting it leave our mouths, is so that we will be quick to OBEY what the word says and bring about the fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives. If we don’t meditate on that word, speaking it aloud, rereading it, speaking it again, reading, speaking, pondering, we can be sure that the enemy is coming to lie.

“You are going down,” he will lie. And if we aren’t in tune with what God says, we will start to believe these lies and we will never become all God has for us to be and do all God has called us to do.

Ever been so sure one day only to be discouraged the next. That’s how it works. The enemy lies and hides. He comes at an opportune moment to lie. When He does, he hides and tries to convince us that those are our (or worst, God’s) words. If He succeeds, we will start to believe these lies in our sub-conscience. Then we will obey that belief and it will become true.

Not. You! You are a person who believes in God’s word. Pull away, read and reread, say and resay. Let’s God truth penetrate into your mind and heart. Believe in His words and soon you will be acting on what you believe and God’s promises are sure to become reality!

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