This is How YOU have Helped the Helpless (Mid-Year Ministry Report)

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Hello in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

We are thrilled to report to you all Jesus has graced us to accomplish over the last six months! We pray that as you read, you will join us in praising God for such progress! Remember, when we say our, we mean yours too! This is your ministry – your outreach to the nations! Without your love, your prayers, and your giving, none of the things reported inside of this newsletter would have happened, so we praise God for you!

We believe that once you’ve finished reading this short newsletter, you will be pleased with your investment of prayer and money in the Gospel and inspired to do even more. At the end, please take a moment to review our current financial needs and prayer request, then as you take a moment to pray for us, ask the Lord how He would have you be involved.

Together, we are doing our part to take the love, hope, and faith of Jesus Christ to the suffering and unreached world! Together, we are preparing the way for the Lord’s glorious return! Together, we are hastening the completion of the Great Commission!

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► Hasten Nepal’s Church (United Freedom Church) has launched in its first phase!

Hasten Nepal’s Church team has grown to around 15 weekly attendees. Our plan is to move this new church to the heart of the city so we can continue reaching many young Nepali.

► So far this year, we have served just under 1500 meals to the homeless and disabled in our community in Pokhara.

For the last six months we have been going to where the people live on the streets, now we plan to have them gather weekly at the local church.

► We have doubled the English classes and moved them to the church.

There is now a beginner and intermediate English class meeting twice per week. Our goal is once we fully launch the church in the heart of the city, to offer these classes to young Nepali as a way of building relationships.

► We have grown the sewing classes from five to fifteen ladies and are now meeting five times per week (vs two).

We really want to start morphing this program into a small business venture to help Hasten Nepal become self- sustainable.

► We have decided to expand our garden and chicken farm programs in the second half of 2018.

This will enable us to expand deeper into the remote villages. Our plan is to start five more chicken farms and ten more community gardens this year. Each garden cost around $150 to start, and each chicken farm cost around $250, for a total of $2,750.

► Winter Outreach!

We want to triple our impact this Holiday season by holding three winter outreach programs instead of just one! To do so, we need to raise around $15,000!

► We are currently researching the legalities and cost of starting a boarding school in Nepal.

Our first estimates put phase one cost at around $115,000 (land and preparation for building).

Great Commission Academy

►This year we held our very first Great Commission Academy Mission Trip training seminar!

We will report more later, but our friends at Word of Life Church in Jackson, MS hosted the event and it was an awesome day! We held four sessions (each around one hour long) preparing their mission teams to go into all the world!

►As of August 2018, our online mission training program, Great Commission Academy, will be open for beta users!

This has been a boatload of work, but with the Lord’s help, it will soon be preparing people from all parts of the globe to reach the lost and make disciples! More about this once we launch at!

Igniting the Fire of the Local Church!

► So far this year we have held ministry in nine American churches.

We have been bringing the Gospel in love and power and igniting the church with the mission fire and winning the lost in our nation! We are evangelists at heart, and to see people in our country surrendering to Jesus thrills us! Keep praying, as we are speaking at more and more ministries and God is moving mightily each time!

Television and Media

► We are super happy to announce that post-production of Hasten TV Season 1 is about to wrap!

Darlene has single-handedly edited this entire season, and we are super proud of her! It will be aired late summer on JUCE, UCB, ACCTV, Shine TV, TBN UK, and TBN Africa! Go to to watch the latest episodes!

▶ We have also shot days of footage for a full-length documentary style movie called Heart of our Fathers.

The goal of this film is to show the heart of our church fathers so we can gain the same sacrificial love in the Great Commission. We have to shoot more footage in Europe and the Middle East this summer.

Missions and Evangelism

► In the first half of 2018, we held multiple outreaches in Nepal.

During these outreaches, we were able to share the Gospel with around fifty people who had never heard it before and hundreds of others who have heard but have not yet given their lives to Jesus.

USA Missions Center and Church

► We have begun to build a core team.

We look to continue team building and hope to start the launch process of Hasten International Mission Center in Chattanooga, TN in mid or late 2019.

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We are currently preparing for a strong second half of 2018! Our current plan leads us not only back to Nepal, but to India and Africa preaching the Gospel and bringing revival to local churches. Please pray for us as we once again go to make Jesus known to those who have never known Him before!

The budget for this year’s remaining missions & projects is $52,750.

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