Natalie Schweizer

Natalie is preparing to serve in Nepal from late 2021. She has been a member of Hasten Nations from 2020 and serves in worship, media, and just about anywhere else she can. She's a member of the Hasten Nations Outreach Team as well as a leader of the Yaqar Project, a non-profit with the goal of supporting orphans around the world.


Reading Plan #1: The New Testament in 40 Days

Directions: Take a few minutes to pray, worship, and connect with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to teach you the scriptures. When you feel ready, read the chapters. In your journal, write down anything that stands out to you or of the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Meditate on these things or the rest of the day.

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Scriptures for Healing & Peace

If you are feeling sick or anxious, take these scriptures and slowly read over them. Speak them out loud and meditate on them throughout your day. As you think on the meaning of these words from God, you will feel strength and peace in your Spirit.​

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