Nepal Update! First Goal Reached.

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First off, I want to thank each and every one of you who have given so generously since we sent our appeal for help for the Nepal (and Indian) people. We set an immediate emergency goal of $3,000 with a total goal of $30,000. I am so happy to announce that we have raised $3,505. This allows us to immediately send emergency funds to families in Nepal who are in real need. Thank you!

We want to keep fundraising until we hit our main goal so we can really help up to 1,000 families. That means we need $27,000 to go, so let’s all keep giving! Because Hasten has monthly partners who cover our overhead (thank you!), we will be sending 100% of everything raised toward this goal to Nepal and India to help. Our plan is to cover overhead and transfer fees as well. Currently, our largest needs are in the poorer areas of Nepal.

This second lockdown puts those who are extremely poor and must travel for work and pay rent in a very bad situation. In the USA we sent our stimulus checks and paused evictions, but there are no such resources in Nepal. These funds will be distributed to local leaders who will find and purchase the goods then they will deliver the food and medicine in a safe way to those in need from outside their churches. Thank you again.

Keep praying, Your prayers are working. Two of the pastors that we have been praying for have taken a turn for the better. Keep praying that they will totally and completely recover. The Dr caring for them has said that he had nothing else he could do (he was literally by their side all day and night). He had no access to ICU beds and oxygen has been limited, BUT GOD! Clearly, this is the work of the Lord, so let’s give God praise!

All to Jesus,

Pastor Dustan (& Darlene)