Nepal Youth Conference & Sacrificial Devotion

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_cta h2=””]This is a continuation of our updates from the past few months in Nepal.
To read more, go here:[/vc_cta][vc_column_text]After our Poon Hill Trek, we rested while our legs recovered. We had walked over twenty miles in a few days, straight up and straight down, and we were exhausted. Our next plan was to hold a Nepal youth conference to encourage the Christian young people in this area to believe by faith for God to do great things in them and through them.

Dustan Stanley at Poon Hill - Nepali Youth

The Nepal Youth Conference

We had four sessions. I (Dustan) would teach the first and last, while Darlene and Frank would teach the middle two. The topics were:

  1. What is Faith
  2. Faith for Finances and Increase
  3. Faith for Healing
  4. Faith to Finish the Great Commission.

We worshiped, prayed, and all three of us taught, but, without a doubt, the MVP awards go to Frank and Darlene.

Pokhara, Nepal

The Youth Respond by Giving

Frank taught on giving and increase, and then he called the youth to action. At that time, we had a friend in Africa who was in great need,  so at the end of Frank’s session the youth were offered an opportunity to bless this man and his family. The young people responded with excitement. When the money was counted this small group of youth from Nepal gave sixty dollars to help a brother and his family in West Africa!

Frank Schliecher - Hasten Nepal - Youth Conference - Pokhara

Sixty dollars is a lot of money to people here, especially youth. I know with such a heart, and a bit of wisdom and faith, God will greatly increase these young people.

The Holy Spirit Falls

Next, Darlene stepped up the pulpit and taught on faith to pray for the sick. She taught with such passion and with such power from the word. At the end of the service, the Holy Spirit fell on us all powerfully. As she called the congregation forward to ask the Holy Spirit for the gifts in order to reach Nepal with God’s love, the youth began to cry out to God their Father. Without being prompted and with no coaching, they began shedding tears – begging the Lord to use them. One by one they were filled with the Holy Spirit until everyone who had responded was either worshipping, weeping, or praying.

Darlene Stanley from Hasten TV at a Youth Conference in Pokhara Nepal

In that session, we prayed for each young person. Then, we all stood back and watched as the Holy Spirit took over. So powerful!

It was something special to behold. The Christian Youth of Nepal are a very special group of people.

Nepali Youth - Hasten TV

After this service, I finished the day off with a passionate plea for the young people to take their place in the Kingdom of God and do their part to finish the Great Commission. The call was for them to BE the Gospel as well as preach it.

I Share My Life’s Message

Tears welled in my eyes as I begged them to love their neighbor and do good in the name of Jesus, to pray for the sick and be generous to those in need. I encouraged them that they were the ones to take the Gospel to the thousands of unreached villages in Nepal, Tibet, and beyond.This is my life’s message, and it is rarely preached with honest tears. We each have OUR place in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, and we must seek diligently to find that place and be faithful, even in the ups and downs, to fulfill that calling.

This is my life’s message, and it is rarely preached without honest tears. We each have OUR place in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, and we must seek diligently to find that place and be faithful, even in the ups and downs. We must work to fulfill the unique calling God has placed on our lives. And don’t forget, this calling is special for you, but it is all for one mission – that’s all my know the forgiveness of sin in the name of Jesus Christ!

The Heart of our Fathers

I’m telling you, the heart of our church fathers was one of sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. They didn’t expect a lack of trouble, but instead, they counted it joy, even until death. I see this same heart blooming in many of the Nepali youth.

We must be of the same heart and mind if we want to see our cities and nations come to Jesus.

We must learn to live every day with the passion of the greats who have gone before us: never quitting, always persevering, and even when everything around us seems to be dark, shining and staying in faith that the love of Jesus SHALL flood our cities and nations.

Paul, Peter, and thousands of others Christians, bound in Roman chains and sentenced to death by a murderous tyrant king, kept believing that Rome would be saved. They believed for generation after generation of martyrs, until what they stood in faith for eventually came to pass! Now, in the places where Christians were tortured and murdered and made sport of, there stands churches in their honor and for the Glory of King Jesus!

Don’t stop believing! (Que Music)

This was an amazing conference. Truly the Holy Spirit graced us all to keep shining!

This generation of young Nepali Christians is SO vital. They are the ones strong enough to carry the cross of Jesus into the remote Himalayan villages and towns. They are the ones that will reach some of the most unreached parts of the globe, and by doing so they will do their part to help usher in the return of Jesus Christ.

Now a question for you.

What’s your part? How are you active in seeing those who do not know Jesus come to know him? Don’t answer out loud, but please ponder this in your heart. Be honest with God and yourself.

Please pray for these young people. Pray that they will be faithful to carry Jesus to the lost. Pray for strength to endure persecution for the sake of Jesus’ name. Pray they will be blessed finically enough to move forward and that they will continue to be full of the Holy Spirit, love, and power.

Dustan Stanley - Hasten TV - Praying at Nepal Youth Conference - Pokhara

And pray for us as we, along with our teams in the USA and NEPAL, continue attempting to lay down our lives every day and truly be…

All in for the Gospel,

Dustan (& Darlene)

Pokhara, Nepal - HASTEN TV