New Kids Home Approved In Nepal!

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We are happy to announce that Hasten has approved a new family to run our second children’s home in Nepal! 

The Lord has been on my (Darlene’s) heart about the kids in Nepal. He said to me during a time in deep worship, “There are so many more children, there are so many more children…” Letting me know that we need to make room for MORE kids. 

Our first children’s home in the remote villages of Nepal has been such a success. We are at our max now currently with 6 children we are taking care of full time. Now, we needed to find a way to start a new home.

The Lord told me to write our lead pastor we work with in Nepal asking him if any of the pastors he works with would be willing and able to care for children. He wrote me back saying he would ask around right away. His next reply was swift saying how a pastor got in touch with him saying how he and his wife had been praying for 5 years for the ability to have a children’s home! This pastor and his wife were answering our call saying that they were most definitely willing and wanting to do this. So we started putting them through our approval process, and we are happy to say they have met all the requirements! 

Even in the middle of Covid and lockdowns and wondering how we would be able to do more to help the children in Nepal, God is making a way for Hasten to launch a second children’s home in a new district. We have been amazed at how God has brought about this open door!

We and our team in Nepal are now busy with preparations, and we need your support to help us get this new home ready to receive at-risk children! The home will be fully equipped and set up to host 5 children. Now, since Covid-19 has hit Nepal so hard, there are even more orphans, street children, and children at risk of human trafficking in Nepal. The need is urgent. 

We need to raise a total of $10,000 for the home to be fully equipped and to have extra put back for emergencies.

If you would like to become a monthly partner with Hasten Nations, we are asking for 300 new people to commit $1 dollar a day, $31 each month. This will help us support children and staff monthly and help us increase our ability to care for even more children! We have even arranged for a special gift to all of our new partners: either a Hasten Nations polo/t-shirt or a necklace that says, “SAVE MY BABIES” in remembrance of what God spoke that started all of this.

We love you all! Please keep lifting this new home and family up in prayer. Pray all things continue to flow smoothly, and that Hasten Nations continues to have such great favor in Nepal.

All to Jesus,

Darlene Stanley

To give a special gift toward this new Kid’s home in Nepal or to become a monthly partner, go here: