New Outreach to those with COVID in Chattanooga!

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As many know, when someone gets a positive COVID test back for you or one of your family members, it can be a challenge. Because so many have lost family and friends, there comes a moment of fear that must be managed by our trust in God (although the overwhelming majority of people who test positive will fully recover). If left unchecked, this moment of fear and isolation can be quite stressful.

That’s why we have created a very simple outreach to those that are under quarantine because of a positive COVID test. Our team has put together small packets with healthy food, handwritten cards, small faith-building gifts, and scriptures for healing and peace.

We will begin distributing these to those we are made aware of that have a positive COVID test. Because of restrictions and limitations, we are unable to deliver these to the hospital at this time.

If you know of anyone in the Chattanooga Metro area that has COVID and is currently at home in quarantine, please use the blue chat button at the bottom right of our website ( to contact us so we can arrange for one of these small packets to be delivered. We will need their phone number (for text messages and prayer calls and permission) and an address if possible.

In every season of trouble, there is an opportunity to display the love of Jesus to people. This is just one small example of how we can go from hiding and defense against the devil and the sufferings of the world to offense against the gates of hell and the pain that is spreading around the world.

We are light, and light needs to be shined in dark places most of all.