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As we prepare for 2018, we wanted to write you a quick report to let you know all we have accomplished this year!

When we say we, we mean all of you who have given and prayed for this ministry. Together, we are touching lives in Nepal, the USA, and all over the world through our television outreach.

To make this quick, here are a few numbers to show what HASTEN and HASTEN Nepal has done over the last year.

• We have directly touched around 170 Nepali families through our community development programs. That’s literacy classes, skills training, English classes, disaster relief, community gardens, and small farms.

• With the average family size in the mountains, that’s over 815 people we’ve help safeguard from the dangers of human trafficking, slavery, and poverty.

• As of January, we will have been a part of planting two new churches in Nepal. These will be the centers for our work, training programs, and outreach.

• Through our church partners, we visited six EXTREMELY REMOTE churches and have either taught the Bible or shared the story of Jesus with around 800-900 people.

• We released another season of HASTEN TV and completed production of a season of instructional clips and interviews to be released early 2018.

• We have been developing Great Commission Academy, an on-demand online international ministry training program.

• We’ve shot around 25% of a documentary that traces the Gospel’s progress starting in Jerusalem. Our goal in making this documentary is to discover and recover who we are as followers of Christ.

In 2018, we are looking to triple our impact in Nepal, build an outreach team to start a church in Chattanooga, TN, launch Great Commission Academy, release the Heart of our Fathers documentary, release another season of HASTEN TV, and take multiple overseas mission and evangelistic trips.

To accomplish all that’s on our vision list, our budget will have to grow three fold. That’s why we need you! We need your prayers and your support more than ever before.

If you are not a monthly giver, would you consider becoming one today? $30 per month makes a massive difference when given consistently.

Also, will you consider giving a special end-year gift to help us continue to grow all our ministry and mission projects?

To give, go to

For more info on our work to keep families together in Nepal, go to

God bless you! THANK YOU for all your love and giving in 2017.

2018 is going to rock!

All in for the Gospel!

Dustan & Darlene Stanley