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Our Family Grows (Here and in Nepal)

Hasten Nations August Newsletter

Dear Hasten Nations Friends & Partners,

As many of you know, we entered the foster care world a few years back. We did this for many reasons. First, we felt that this was the way that God wanted us to build our family. Second, we asked the Lord to make us an example and felt this is one way He would have us do so. And lastly, because we felt this was another way to obey Jesus’ mandate on our life to ‘Save His Babies’.

Shortly after we opened our home we received a precious eight-month-old baby girl. We immediately fell in love with her. Our goal became to give her the love and connection she lacked and to foster growth and a love for God and others in her heart. Nine months later we also received her biological baby brother. Again, we fell in love. Both had been through more than most face, but we knew as we leaned on the Lord, that He would keep them safe and restore their hearts.

Meanwhile, we and the state of TN were attempting rehabilitation and reunification with their bio parents. Over years, this proved to be unsuccessful. For the sake of privacy, let’s just state that their birth parents were openly unable to care for their children, so much so that they openly and willingly asked the judge that the two babies stay in our home permanently. This made these two jewels open for adoption.

Well, this past week, after 888 days in care (the oldest), we finalized the lifelong adoption of our two children. Their names are now and forever Daisy Elaine Stanley and Daniel Elijah Stanley! We shared this moment with our closest friends and family and are forever thankful for their love and God’s continual faithfulness!

The moment the judge declared us a forever family and signed our adoption petitions, a major weight was lifted that we, honestly, hadn’t fully recognized we had been carrying. That weight was significant and a major jolt of energy returned to our spirits almost immediately. The joy we’ve been in since is unspeakable; the thankfulness is brimming. We can’t explain how we feel or the bubbling praise that keeps pouring out of our mouths spontaneously.

Jesus is faithful, good, and deserving of the highest praise. All the glory and praise are due to Jesus! All to Jesus!

Our Family in Nepal
On top of all this, the Sunday following our adoption, one of our host homes in Nepal took in two new girls to give them a safe, loving, joyful, and Godly home! After weeks of investigation, our team confirmed that they were abandoned by one parent and the remaining parent died. That left them with an uncle who could not care for them. The uncle is the one that approached Hasten and asked us to take in the wonderful girls. Our team has brought them to the closest home to where they were originally from, bought them all new clothes, and set them up to attend a great school. They are safe and reportedly very happy to be with their new family.

In Nepal, we have now cared for fourteen children with twelve currently in full-time care. Monthly we work with dozens of Nepali (and other nations) to push the Gospel into unreached areas. Next year we plan to start a massive project to give babies and at-risk mothers a safe place to live and thrive. 

Our Ministry Growth
Meanwhile, in the USA, we are about to relaunch Hasten Church in Chattanooga, TN (our original launch was supposed to happen in 2020, but Covid shut that down), we have launched a weekly prayer meeting at our Hasten Nations studio, and we’re prepping for a massive media Gospel and discipleship push for the rest of 2021.

In September and October, we will be on the ground in Nepal conducting a significant village outreach and holding three conferences for youth and church leaders. We’ll start the search for the Baby Home land and set up the legal groundwork for land purchase. 

All in all, our little ministry is quite busy. We have the vision to plant in ten nations, and we are already working in two!

The Needs
Like never before in our ministry history, we are asking people to give special gifts and become monthly partners. We are asking people to prayerfully consider giving at least $50 per month, but all amounts are incredibly helpful and appreciated!

We are also asking those who are able of giving more to consider giving toward our current ministry needs. Our mission projects, three conferences, and village outreaches in Nepal will cost $25k in total. We also have $52k in debt for our ministry center and studio build-out. Before we launch into our full-on church plant here in the USA and the building of our baby home in Nepal, we would like to have this debt paid in full. If you or your church, business, or ministry are able to help with this on a larger scale, please pray about giving a special significant gift.

All to Jesus!
Jesus is building His church! The gates of hell are trembling! Satan is furious because he knows his time is short! God has started the greatest revival in history and we get to be a part of it! Praise God!!!!!! 

We love all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your giving, prayers, and encouragement. Thank you for the volunteer and service hours. May God bless you and your family in every way as we, together with you, work to hasten the day and give…

All to Jesus,
Pastor Dustan & Darlene