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Prayer Request for One of our Kids in Nepal

Please add one of our little girls in Nepal to your prayers. Before she came into our home, she was poisoned, and now she is having serious stomach complications.

For this post, we will call her Sue.

Before we met Sue, she and her sister were abandoned. Shortly after, their father died. Her uncle was taking care of them but because of many reasons, one being that he didn’t make enough to give the girls proper care (living on about $30 a month), he asked us to take them in. The girls have been VERY happy with their new home saying they never want to leave. ????????

However, Sue has been very sick due to being poisoned by someone. She took food from someone back in her village that had poison from a venomous snake in it. It was done intentionally. Unfortunately, this is something that some people do in rural places cause they think it will make them rich. I just couldn’t imagine someone actually doing this intentionally to a child…

We know however the BLOOD of JESUS is more powerful than any poison or curse!!!! ????????

???? The Drs are still trying to figure out how to help her. The medicine wasn’t working as they had hoped.

Sue needs lots of prayers! We pray for a total miracle, leaning on God first, and that the doctor’s treatments will work! ???????????? She needs full abdominal healing. ❤️????

We are looking to go to Nepal soon in person as well. Our trip is scheduled for mid-Oct to late. Keep us in your prayers as well. ❤️

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