Save HIS Babies

Save His Babies is all about seeking after children who are at-risk, abandoned, orphaned, or unwanted and giving them a safe home to be raised and loved. This need comes from many reasons, including the death of parents, sickness, poverty, re-marriage, and/or extremely difficult living conditions. When we give these precious children the safety of a real family, we give them a hope of a better future.

We have spent years developing a plan to provide and care for these kids.

Here's how we do it.

Education, Support & Accountability

Because many of these homes are in remote places with limited resources, we work with the house parents to ensure each child gets quality education, support for special needs, and structure for growth. We also work to help women develop skills and education needed to care for their families.

Full Time Care

We work with extremely vetted well known families to create small family units near the villages where the children were born and have connections. We keep these families small, like a family, and see that their needs are met. To us, these are our kids as much as the ones living in our own homes.

Team Effort

We build a family team of community and faith leaders, family members (if there are any), managers, financial and prayer partners, and overseers that work together to ensure a safe and thriving life for our kids. This team is how everything is accomplished, including accountability.

We're just getting started. Here's our Current Progress

Kid's Homes
Kid's in Full-Time Care
Active/Completed Literacy Classes

Sponsor a Child

Currently, our kid's homes are located in the parts of the world where children are at great risk. Living expenses in this part of the world are a lot less expensive than in the West. Because of this, we can provide complete basic care for these kids at $60 per month. Education, health care, and other special needs are not included in this monthly cost. Those needs are covered by our monthly ministry partners and special givers. This supplies them with food, toiletries, safety, and housing.