Testimonies & Stories from Nepal

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Hey everyone! Here’ a quick update from our first few days in Nepal!

Today, we are holding a major outreach to the poor. We will deliver blankets, rice, soap, a toy and a snack to many in real need. Please take a moment and pray that we can properly love these wonderful people and that the Gospel will flow freely and clearly in word, deed and power! Today’s program is in an unreached area, near a Tibetan settlement. Very needy place.

Sunday we were at Holy Church here in Pokhara. It was a lot of fun. We prayed for a really long time for the nation and for our leaders over here, then I preached on faith. After the service, we prayed for the sick. There was one lovely Hindu lady there who had never come to church before. She told us that if God healed her aching knees that she would keep coming. “Okay then!” we said, then we prayed for her knees to be healed.

She left smiling, pain-free, and promising to see us next week.

Yesterday as I was out getting money for our outreach, I was led to minister to two young men. We talked for a bit about Nepal and all its current troubles, then I asked if I could pray for them. One got really happy and told me he got saved recently through a dream (happens often here). He told me how he felt such peace now. I asked the other young man if he had ever felt that peace. He said no, so we told him he was about to! When we prayed the peace of God fell so intensely that we all felt like taking a nap! I asked the young man if he felt it and he said “yes!” As I left I told him to talk to His friend when he wanted to follow Jesus. His friend promised to tell him how to receive salvation when his friend was ready. 🙂 A powerful witness to God’s love for this amazing nation and its people.

Another thing that just happened was Nick (a friend working with us for a little over a week) was approached by one of the many homeless boys here in town. Nick took him to a local shop and bought him some food. Immediately, the boy ran to his friends and started sharing. These are the kids we are here to reach when we are able. So touching.

Please, continue to pray for wisdom and favor as we keep researching and searching for the right location for the home. It will take some time and a lot of money to get this setup. Lawyers, paperwork, etc. but we’re all in! Also, if you are wondering about the picture. These are the families that are living in one of the shelters we build at the church here in Pokhara. They approached us and told us thank you, and we told them that we would pass the thank you on to those who gave to help them.

That’s you! So, from our friends here in Nepal, THANK YOU! Thank you for your prayers and giving. Together, we are touching lives with the love of God!

If you are able, please consider becoming a monthly partner with our ministry (HASTEN). $10, $25, $50, $100 – all gifts are SO helpful! Also, if you are a business person, pastor, or church leader, please consider giving a significant one-time gift to help us launch this children’s home and church plant. It is a worthwhile investment in the kingdom of GOd.

Love you guys! Miss you all! More update to come after our outreach!

All in for the Gospel,

Dustan & Darlene

To give go to www.hasten.tv/hastennations-com/giving or mail your gift to:

PO BOX 1600
McComb, MS 39649

To watch another video about the children’s home, go here: https://www.hasten.tv/hastennations-com/media/video/updates/darlene-shares-a-dream-and-mandate-from-the-lord-to-save-his-babies-in-nepal/

Dustan (& Darlene)