Thank You! Your Prayers are Powerful!

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Hey, y’all!! Pastor Dustan here.



I just wanted to shoot you a quick note and thank you. The other day I asked you all for prayer because I was feeling overwhelmed from all of the work, emotional and spiritual warfare, and numerous unexpected issues that came up at the same time.
As a pastor, it is risky showing people that you are indeed human. It feels stupid to even write that sentence, as we are all dust, but it must be said. Pastors and spiritual leaders can often fall into the trap of not showing the world their true struggles – mostly in the name of being a good example, but often out of fear of the people’s response.
It’s a trap and counter-productive.
That’s why, I believe, the Lord taught me that I should be Godly not just LOOK Godly. I want to be an open book (in a way) to show people that it is possible to live by faith even when you are attacked by fear. I want you to know that the Christian life is one of overcoming – not one of never fighting battles.
So, I shared my (current) struggle, and your response has been AMAZING.
Shortly after shooting off the email I walked outside and had the strangest sensation. We’ve felt it many times before, but haven’t talked about it much.
For a moment, as I stood there, I felt like Superman soaking up the rays of the sun.
I could FEEL your prayers strengthening me. It was like I was being charged up with peace.
Plugged into the charger.
Then, I felt the storms start to abate. New wisdom came into my mind.
A few of you even suggested books that I promptly purchased. I’m reading these now and the wisdom inside is SO helpful!
Then, on top of all of that, although I didn’t ask for donations (there’s a link in every one of our emails, but I didn’t ask), many of you guys gave and are still giving. I honestly didn’t expect such generosity, but am SO thankful for it. We rarely share all of our financial need, so the giving is an answer to our private prayers.
In the Bible, Jesus and Daniel were both strengthened by angels from the Lord. Darlene and I really felt that we experienced that once again this past week – all because you took a moment to pray.
Right now, stop and give yourself a high-five.
You. Are. Awesome.
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your shares and likes and responses. Thank you for the giving. Thanks for being a friend. Thank you for being mature and good and so much like Jesus.
We need so much more of this kind of love in the church and world today.
And please keep praying.
Wisdom to handle Hasten’s growth has and is coming as the result of prayer. Now, we need the ability to put these changes into action over the next six months to one year. My family is still dealing with sickness, so please continue to confess healing over their bodies.
As for me, more than ever I pray for grace and peace to be and do all the Lord has put in our hearts. I pray that I can release all that Jesus has put into me without holding back. Will you please pray the same?
One last note.
After my request for prayer, I got a few messages thanking me for being real while still being an example. One even mentioned how they use to feel weak when they needed others.
For the sake of each other and the world, let’s all remember that even the strongest follower of Jesus is strong because of JESUS.
We all need Him and we all need each other.
Never feel weak for needing other people. You don’t feel weak because you must eat. You don’t feel weak because you must breathe. Never feel weak for needing others. Our need for community is just as real as our need of the sunshine, food, and water.
Bless you! We’ll keep you in the loop as things keep developing.
All to Jesus,
Pastor Dustan