URGENT: Emergency Relief Needed for Nepal

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Currently, the second wave of COVID-19 is ravaging India & Nepal. In many areas there are no hospital beds, vaccines, or even oxygen available, As a result, the governments and local leaders are locking down most of society to try to slow the spread. This has made it difficult for many low and working-class families to get basic supplies. The poorer classes of Nepal are especially at risk, as many of them really struggled to get by during the first wave of COVID. Now, with new restrictions, many are losing hope.

That’s where the followers of Jesus come in. When things seem hopeless we are called by God to bring hope.

That’s why Hasten International Mission is currently raising money to care for those in dire need. Our first round of relief will go to find, purchase, and deliver basic food and medicines needed for survival. These supplies will be safely delivered to those in most need by Hasten’s network of pastors, team members, and national partners in Nepal.

We hope to continue to provide aid to these needy families until they are able to get back to work and supply for their own. Our pastor leaders will monitor closely to see the best way to serve.

In times of crisis, the love of Jesus shines the brightest. So now is the time to let our good works give aid to those in need and glory to God.

Will you please commit to praying for the people of Nepal and India, and will you give a special gift to help us obtain and distribute this relief in Nepal?

Our current total budget is $30,000, with an immediate need of $3,000. As the money comes in we will distribute the supplies (instead of waiting until it is all raised). Earlier this year we were able to feed 100 families for $25 per family, but with the sudden price increases because of a lack of supply, we are now able to feed one family for around one month (depending on the size of the family) for $30. 

We do expect the fallout to create many more at-risk children who need full-time care. Our work has just begun. So please, consider giving, and please have your church and family pray for this situation.

Thank you in advance for everything. We can only do this together.

All to Jesus,

Pastor Dustan (& Darlene) Stanley