URGENT: Help Needed for Landslide Victims in Nepal

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Hey everyone,

I have some heavy news we just received from Nepal. Previously we got news about our partner church having a landslide, well praise God all of that has now been fixed, however there has now been ANOTHER landslide and this one is much more SEVERE!

Our team on the ground in Nepal has informed us that there has been a MAJOR landslide in the remote village of Prunung, Ree. The landslide destroyed about 12 households, burying everything, even the animals, leaving the people without food, shelter, or clothing. This village is only about a 1-2 hour hike from our village Tawal that we so often visit. The people are currently displaced. They lost their homes, farms, livestock and everything else they owned. It is vital that we act fast due to the ongoing rain. They are currently living in some tent shelters and exposed to the cold.

Our Hasten Nepal team is trying to get emergency packages to these families to help them through this hard time. Our goal is to help these 12 families with not just emergency supplies, but with helping them re-plant their lives. We want to raise funds to plant 12 gardens for every family. We will be providing for every family the labor, food, travel, seed, tools, water tanks, and animals. We estimate it costing about $500 per household coming to a total of $6,000 for all 12 families. The main way for these families livelihood is through farming. There are NO grocery stores anywhere near them. These gardens are vital to their ongoing survival.

Please pray and whatever you can do to help please designate your giving to “NEPAL” in the memo.


I believe that in the time of crisis it’s an opportunity for the church to shine EXTRA, EXTRA bright, and through your love and gifts we will be able to do exactly that for these 12 families!!! Please get involved, give whatever you can, and lets make it our mission to help send our love, prayers, and aid to these precious families!

Blessings!!!!! You rock for JESUS! And stay…all in for the Gospel!

Darlene Stanley

*Also know that any extra funds in addition to this will also help with our church plant that we are currently in the middle of getting started in Nepal. The church plant is scheduled to start fully by November, and will become the center point for all of the Hasten educational programs, feeding the poor, and aid work we continue to do in country. It’s also vital to the longevity of the Gospel taking root and blessing many more peoples lives in this amazing nation. 🙂

Landslide in Prunung, Ree Nepal village
Landslide in Prunung, Ree Nepal village