URGENT! Prayer Request for Villagers

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Hello Everyone. Dustan and Darlene here.

This morning we received devastating news that a local bus had fallen off the edge of a cliff here in central Nepal. We are all okay. What we know SO FAR (and this information can change) is that this bus was returning villagers back home when a landslide knocked out the road ahead of them, causing the road to partially collapse and the bus to slide over the edge. The bus reportedly fell off the side of the mountain and into a deep river (it’s the end of rainy season here). Almost all of the approximately 40 passengers were killed, many are unaccounted for and some of the bodies are unidentifiable.

Currently, rescue helicopters are trying to pull people from the wreckage and locate any that are missing.

Please pray for miracles of supernatural protection. Pray for healing for those who are in critical condition. Pray for peace that passes understanding for the families. Pray for wisdom for rescuers and doctors.

This is the area where we are headed next week. Because of the danger of the roads, we had already decided not to take the bus, but rather we opted to hire a proper vehicle. Our plans will be adjusting now, as we discover how we can be brightest light at such a dark time.

We already know that three men from our village (we consider them family) were killed, leaving their wives and children. Pray for them, and AFTER you pray for them, pray for us, that we can do our part in bringing healing and security for the future of these families.

Love you all. Times like these are always so sobering. Disasters such as this remind us that this earthly life is fragile and even the longest life is short when compared with eternity. Hug those near you and keep bringing hope through Jesus to those you come across.

We’ll keep you updated.

All in for the Gospel,
Dustan and Darlene