Urgent Prayers for Nepal

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Dear Friends and Partners,

I am asking that all of our friends, partners, and coworkers in the Gospel make some time to pray for Nepal. The COVID outbreak has gotten totally out of hand. This morning I received an email from a co-laborer that works in a different part of Nepal. His national leaders are in critical condition. More, the doctor in charge of their case has stated that admittance into hospitals is now impossible and that people must find oxygen on their own.

Nepal, as wonderful as the nation is, is not an extremely developed country. There are few good hospitals. There is no supplies. No one is sending a check to help. So please, pray for our friends. Pray specifically for Pastor K & S. They need a miracle.

In the coming months, as things slow, the need in Nepal and India will be massive. The fallout of more shutdowns on the working class is detrimental. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Please keep our teams in prayer as we prepare to serve in the season ahead. In the middle of such terrible tragedy is the opportunity to love and serve the suffering. Pray we can see clearly how to best show the love of God to so many who have lost so much.

I love you all.

All to Jesus,
Pastor Dustan