Vital Upcoming Ministry Needs

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Hey everyone! Dustan & Darlene here!

We’ve got a quick appeal for you, so please take a moment and read the remaining of this letter about the needs of our upcoming mission to Nepal! We know that God shall supply these needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus! He always does! The reason we are writing is because we want you to have an opportunity to be involved in what God is doing to reach the nations and send out an army of Gospel laborers to preach the Gospel in every inhabited part of the world!

Come on somebody!

Please, as you read, ask the Holy Spirit if He would have you get involved. Also, as you read each need, please declare God’s supernatural provision and fruitfulness in every single short-term and long-term project! Your prayers are powerful, so let them fly!

Here are our current ministry needs…

  • As we plan for another January-February mission to Nepal, we still need to raise around $5,000 to cover plane tickets and travel expenses for our team. The cost of the Care Packets for our Christmas outreach to the poor is covered, but all the travel expenses are NOT, and this is just one of multiple trips we have planned next year!
  • Also, to start HASTEN NEPAL (Which includes a future children’s home, literacy school, and church-plant), we need to raise an immediate $12,000 (in addition to our travel expenses) and increase our number of automatic monthly givers. The $12,000 will cover the initial rental and setup of the Hasten House in Nepal and will enable us to care for widows who will then care for orphans. The monthly support will determine how many children we can care for from this center).
  • A few months ago, we launched HASTEN Chattanooga, and are praying for more dedicated people to join the volunteer team. Please lift this up. Our mission: to deploy more Gospel laborers into the mission field!
  • For the last prayer point, we still have some ministry debt we need to pay off. Pray the Lord would speak to those able to help in this area so we can start fresh in 2016.

So there are our financial, people, and prayer needs. To review…

  • $5,000 for Travel Expense
  • $12,000 (To launch HASTEN Nepal)
  • Volunteers for HASTEN Chattanooga
  • Ministry Debt to be paid off.

Will you please consider, at the end of this year, giving a one-time gift to help in these areas? Or perhaps becoming an automatic monthly partner of $10 or $25? Any size gift is greatly appreciated and extremely useful! 

To give securely and safely, go to For more information on what we will be doing, go here:

Thank you, and God Bless!
Dustan & Darlene