What’s up with Hasten?

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What’s up, everybody! Dustan here with a mission update!

I’m sorry that it’s been a minute since we wrote, but the Lord has been really doing a work inside of our hearts and we’ve honestly been rocked by this spirit so much they I’ve lapsed in our communications.

But hey, we’re still here, and still busy! Below is a quick rundown on the specifics on the ministry of Hasten. I put them in bullet points so you can skim quickly. Please, browse through all we’re doing and consider giving a special gift toward our upcoming mission journey in June. We’ve got to purchase a lot of travel over the next few months as we set out to plant the local Hasten church in central Nepal.

What’s New with Hasten?


  • HASTEN TV has released Season 2 and we are in production of a more instructional third season. We shoot weekly when we are in Chattanooga.
  • We are in the beginning of creating a three step system to help people launch into their missions future. The three steps are:
    1. We are neck deep in development of HASTEN’s Great Commission Academy. This is an On-Demand mission prep course that will both prepare people to go to the nations and to reach those across the street.
    2. We are making plans to develop our Luke 10 Challenge missions internship as soon as we release the Great Commission Academy. This will be a ten month on the ground missions internship designed to launch graduations of Great Commission Academy into the next step in their missions calling.
    3. The last step is placement and support. This is where we do our part in deploying those who are a part of the Great Commission Academy and the Luke Ten Challenge into the mission field.
  • Also, we are now seeking the Lord’s timing when to launch a local church plant here in the USA to reach the upcoming generation and mobilize them in the mission to finish the Great Commission! We are pretty excited about this, but we are still in the prayer phase seeking God’s direction.


  • This JUNE, HASTEN will be started a bilingual church in the city of Pokhara, Nepal. Our goal will be to reach the upcoming generation with the Gospel through a modern bilingual service and train them to take the love of Jesus to their nation!
  • HASTEN’s center in Nepal has moved to a new location that is closer to those in need of our classes and in a place where we can get more room for less money.
  • For the past five months or so we have been caring for one young mother with a newborn. She was in an unsafe situation before, but now she has transitioned to living on her own with some of her distant family. We praise God she was able to start her new life with her new son!
  • We have started two gardens in remote central Nepal. Three Nepali believers have given their land and allowed two widows with multiple small children to farm the land for free. Hasten provided the water tanks, seeds, fertilizer and helped connect the single mothers with the land owners. The first harvest has started to come up, and that means more seeds for the next season! Praise God!
  • Our literacy class for remote Nepali women (and men if they need) is teaching around 20 women how to read their language!
  • The Hasten Nepal has been learning English from a local English teacher and pastor. We have opened the class to others interested in learning and a few have jumped on board. Currently, we are training 6-10 Nepali to speak better English.
  • Our sewing training started months ago teaching our teachers so we can teach others. Currently, the class is training around 5 ladies to sew so they can then turn around and train others.

Mission Journeys

  • This year, Lord willing, we will be ministering in Nepal, Europe, India, Nigeria, and Ghana.
  • We have been recently ministering at local churches here in the USA. Our goal has been to bring the mission fire and heart to the local body of believers so they can be inspired to do their part in reaching their neighbors and finishing the Great Commission.

God bless you guys! Thanks, as always, for all your prayers and support!  We are in one of the neediest times in history, and it is up to us as the Church of Jesus Christ to rise up and stop oppression, both spiritual and physical, worldwide!

Let’s reach the world together!

All in for the Gospel,

Signature from Ministry Update from Dustan and Darlene StanleyDustan (& Darlene)